Team GB say thank you to their #Superfans

  Olympic fever strikes again! I’m really excited about Rio and seeing some of my favourite athletes do what they do best. I was lucky enough to see Usain Bolt run the 200m at the London Anniversary Games last week and back in 2010, I saw Mo Farah tearing up the other side of the road in the Bupa London 10k. I love the way how in sport, the whole country gets wrapped up in the excitement and people are united. It’s fantastic how we can all get behind people doing what they do best,… View Post

Summer running tips

Anyone else singing summer running to the tune of “summer lovin’?” No? Just me then. Saturday saw me run my 44th parkrun, so I’m well on the road to 50 now. I missed a couple of weeks due to bowling and other activities, but I am still on target for 50 by the time I go to Guernsey in September. parkrun 44 was run in a time of 32:17 and I have to confess that I felt tired in the last 2km and felt quite ill afterwards. If you’re based in the UK, you will… View Post

Borrow My Blender

Have you heard of Borrow My Blender? The brainchild of Elle at Keep it Simpelle, Borrow My Blender aims to educate people toward living a healthy lifestyle and offers bespoke smoothie bars for events, with recipe and menu creation. I’ve been wanting to try one of Elle’s creations for a while and have followed her journey with interest, so I was excited to have the chance to help her out today alongside Lesli. It was interesting seeing the fruits of Elle’s labour in action as she quickly whipped up batch after batch of delicious smoothies.… View Post

Sleep quality is important when training

When training for races, we all know that it’s really important to hydrate well (not just drink beer), look at nutrition (not just eat cake), and get the running done. But did you know that sleep quality is also really important? It sounds so obvious, yet it’s an area that’s commonly overlooked. I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve run a race or bowled a tournament on a bad night’s sleep! Benefits of good sleep quality Improves memory Less daytime fatigue and improved stamina (Stanford University study) Lower stress levels (which is… View Post

Running a marathon abroad

I seem to have a bit of wanderlust at the moment. I keep seeing photos from exotic locations on Facebook where my friends have been on holiday, or I gorge myself on one too many travel blogs and start to get itchy feet.     So now I’m starting to toy with the idea of going to run a marathon abroad. It would satisfy my wanderlust and I think it would be fun to run an event abroad. Plus having spent the money to go and travel would surely motivate me to work extra hard,… View Post