Learning to swim properly

I used to swim in school. I even managed to successfully splash my way through the swimming and lifesaving module of my PE GCSE. Not that I was especially good, but I was good enough, despite never learning to swim properly. But, like many people, I haven’t really done much swimming since school. Yes, I can swim, but my technique is really awful and I get tired really quickly. Plus the fear of drowning seems like much more of a problem than it did when I was 13 and invincible. Anyway, to take a splash… View Post

Guernsey parkrun run report

It’s been quiet around here recently. If you follow my blog on Facebook, you’ll know that’s because I’ve had a fantastic short break in Guernsey with my friend Jo. We had a great few days eating fantastic food, walking, kayaking, exploring, and of course, parkrun. If you’ve been following me, you’ll know that I was really looking forward to checking out Guernsey parkrun for some über parkrun tourism and also because it was going to be my milestone 50th parkrun. Guernsey parkrun is held at Pembroke Bay, Vale, a 25 minute or so bus ride… View Post

parkrun 49: Greenwich parkrun

Having being religious about attending Greenwich parkrun over the last few weeks, it felt quite strange not to attend today. Yesterday, I did my 49th official parkrun and my 50th total. However, parkrun frowns upon forgotten barcodes and forgotten barcodes mean no time. I forgot mine at a run back in 2013 and yes, they are strict about enforcing this! I took the morning off from running my official 50th parkrun today because next week, I’m off to Guernsey!  I am so excited to be going away for a few days with Jo. We had… View Post

Train for a marathon on 2 runs a week

Some of you know that I ran my first marathon in Brighton in April 2011. It was the hottest day of the year to date and I got sunburnt, but I had a great day and loved every minute of it. I ran pretty well. I didn’t have any real expectations, but I had hoped to get as close to 5 hours as possible, finishing in 5:08ish. I still think had it not been quite so hot, I may have nudged under. I recovered quickly and was back running within a few days. I was thrilled… View Post

parkrun: the mission for 50 continues

I’m being very dedicated on my mission to reach 50 parkruns when I go to Guernsey in a few weeks time. I’m so dedicated, I’m now on 48, meaning I have to do just one more before I fly out there… parkrun 46: Greenwich The plan for parkrun 46 was to take it easy as I was taking part in the Havering Tri Aquathon the following day. It was also windy; when I arrived, a flag pole was lying on the ground, seemingly uprooted. A subdued 33:01 5k. I then caught up with Richey who… View Post