10 Healthy New Year’s Resolution Ideas

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Once you’ve finished singing Auld Lang Syne, put down that bottle of fizz and contemplated what you’ve achieved in 2016, a New Year’s resolution is probably next on your list – and what better way to welcome in 2017 than creating a happier, healthier you?! It’s not just about buying the latest fitness DVD or trying the newest diet craze, there are plenty of other resolutions that will make 2017 feel like your best year yet. So here we are, nearly in February, yet these tips below will help to get you into a positive mindset to make 2017 a fantastic year!


Give a little and gain a lot in the New Year by volunteering. Help out locally at a homeless shelter or join a programme abroad to teach, coach and build a better life for others. In 2013, United Healthcare actually found that 76% of people who volunteered in the 12 months prior believed it made them feel healthier. Make 2017 the year to help others; it will do wonders for your happiness.

Reboot your workouts

Most of us experience a Christmas slump when it comes to eating right and exercising, so when one too many mince pies means you can’t fit into your favourite jeans, you know it’s time to jump up off the couch and get moving. Some people like to ease themselves in, aiming for two to three workouts a week until exercise becomes a part of their routine. For others, an all or nothing approach is needed, in which case an intense exercise regime like those on offer at Prestige Bootcamp is the answer to your waistline problems.

Their weight loss holidays, located in picturesque destinations such as Portugal, Spain and Devon, will help you reboot your fitness game – giving you the determination, focus and resilience needed to stay on track. With an average weight loss of nine pounds on week-long residential courses, you’ll be waving goodbye to that extra Christmas weight in no time.

Don’t go on a ‘diet’

Most New Year’s resolutions are orientated around dieting and losing weight. This year, step away from the word ‘diet’ and focus on ‘healthy choices’ and ‘balance’ instead. Make sure your goal is a lifestyle change and not just a quick-fix solution to undo a month of overindulging. Shape explains that breaking bad eating habits is a result of consistency and perseverance, qualities that often fall to the wayside if you’re on a ‘diet’. Make healthy eating a lifestyle choice, and you’ll soon curb those sugar cravings and view exercise as a fun and integral part of your daily routine. Of course, it’s important to treat yourself now and then – moderation is key.


Healthy breakfast


Get plenty of sleep

So you’ve nailed the diet, attended all of your boot camp sessions, but there’s still something missing – sleep. Resting properly and committing to seven to eight hours of sleep a night needs to be top of your priority list. The NHS website emphasises the need for a good night’s sleep to help boost immunity and mental wellbeing. Cut down on those late nights, and you’ll soon feel refreshed and alert, ready for the day ahead.

Drink water

Stay hydrated to keep your mind focused and engaged and your bodily functions in check. Livestrong explains that our bodies are between 50% and 65% water depending on our age and gender. Hence it is recommended that we drink six to eight glasses a day to avoid dehydration and keep our metabolism ticking along. However, if you’re not a fan of plain water, try adding natural ingredients such as citrus fruits to inject a subtle flavour or get your recommended daily intake through hot drinks like tea and coffee.

Get ‘appy

Search the App Store on January 1st to get in the zone and set some personal goals. ‘My Fitness Pal’ is perfect for those wishing to drop a few pounds by moderating daily food intake, whereas ‘Nike+ Training Club’ is the best for fitness-focused athletes. Alternatively, try ‘Stop, Breathe and Think’ if you want to introduce a little meditation into your daily routine. Use these apps to monitor your progress and stay motivated – keeping a diary is a proven way to stay on track.

Unplug by 9 p.m.

Don’t spend too long on your mobile phone or tablet in the evenings – a peaceful night’s sleep can be interrupted by the brightness and noise caused by such devices. Challenge yourself to unplug all technology by 9 p.m. each night in order to properly prepare your mind and body for sleep. Instead, read a book, have a hot bath or write about your day in a journal.


Plan a trip to a new place in 2017. Taking a break from your daily routine to enjoy some much-needed ‘me’ time is good for our emotional health. Experiencing a new culture, trying new food and breaking from the norm allows us to feel exhilarated and refreshed. Recharge your batteries at regular intervals throughout the year to boost your happiness and nurture your well-being.


View after kayaking in Guernsey


Learn a new skill

According to researchers at the Salk Institute, the capacity of the human brain is now believed to be ten times larger than originally thought, so why not utilise this space by learning a new skill: learn a language, try playing a musical instrument or join a dance class. Be productive in your free time – after all, you are responsible for your own happiness and personal development.

Keep a gratitude journal

Sometimes we forget to give thanks to our loved ones, especially in the New Year when resolutions are normally orientated around the individual making them. Keep a gratitude journal to appreciate those around you and what you have. Use it to reflect on people, work, challenges and goals to ensure you stay on track and make time to thank those who have a positive effect on your life.


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This post is in collaboration with Prestige Boot Camps

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