2014 Running and Life

Everyone does an end of year post now, don’t they? Even Facebook has got in on the act. Never one to buck the trend ‘cos I’m cool like that, I thought I’d blog a summary of this year.


I’ve been busy. I got engaged on February 10th. On February 13th, we welcomed Rose Lene Grace in my typical dramatic fashion. On July 24th, I got married. We went to a registry office and didn’t tell anyone until the deed was done. We’re cool like that.

Rose and I on Christmas Day
Rose and I on Christmas Day


It’s been an interesting year for running. I started out the year heavily pregnant and on crutches, thanks to suffering severe SPD. I was also suffering from low blood pressure problems and fainted a lot. And I had gestational diabetes which looks like it decided to stick around. I was miserable and wondered if I’d ever get running again. Then I almost bled to death after the c-section and got readmitted with suspected internal bleeding a few days later. It was miserable. Fast forward to the end of the year and I have completed 3 10ks, a half marathon and several parkruns. Next year I am running in the Brighton Marathon for the second time and was over the moon to win a place into the London Marathon. There is also an ultra on the calendar! I’ve fallen in love with running again and my experiences have been a lesson in not taking your health for granted. Who cares if you’re slow? You’re out there moving and that makes you a winner.

With the amazing Will and fantastic Jo after the British 10k
With the amazing Will and fantastic Jo after the British 10k


It was a long time until I felt strong enough, but I’m back bowling. It all feels wrong at the moment and frustrating as I know what to do and how to do it, I’m just having problems actually doing it, but the more I bowl, the more it’ll come back. I played my first league night subbing for my old team and we won. I also bowled a handicap tournament. This was a bit of a disaster as I burnt my thighs in the morning quite badly and then suffered a hypo during play. It was my worst perfomance since my junior days, but I ground it out and completed it. My equipment is now being redrilled and hopefully next year will see some sort of return to form.

And what’s next?

I’m so excited about the London Marathon next year. My sister is getting married 2 days before, so that’s going to be interesting! I’m looking forward to bowling more and getting back up to standard. Hopefully we’ll be moving house. I’m also tentatively planning a new website about something important to me, which I hope I may eventually be able to turn into a income whilst helping people out. I’ve also been shortlisted for The Running Awards again as best blogger and would be chuffed to bits if you would vote for me! If you already have – thank you, but now shortlisting is done, I need your vote again! Thank you!

Thank you

At the risk of sounding like an Oscar winner…thanks to everyone who has read and commented on this blog this year, blogging has helped to keep me sane. A huge thank you to friends and family who have helped and supported me so much this year…there are so many, but Cathy, Cassie, Jimmy, Jo, Lexie, Dave, Graeme, Geraldine, Andrew, Helen, Aly, anyone who has listened to me ranting, general tweets of help and advice, thank you. Sorry if I haven’t named you personally, but please know you are appreciated!

Have a happy new year!

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