30 before 30 Challenge

After a lot of thought, here is my final list. A few had to be changed, but here we go:

  1. Complete 50 parkruns
  2. Complete parkruns in 10 different locations. I don’t drive, so unfortunately I had to give up on the Lon-done idea
  3. Go to a burlesque class
  4. Learn to quickstep
  5. Complete a marathon in under 5 hours
  6. Run with the local Hash Harriers. Thanks Sarah.
  7. Apply for the GBBO – thanks Mark
  8. Get 30 people to donate £10 to charity. Thanks Carolyn
  9. Complete an ultra marathon
  10. Aim for the world record time visiting all the tube stations with Prad
  11. Complete the Three Peaks Challenge
  12. Bake a multi tier cake
  13. Buy flowers for a neighbour, thank you Jo
  14. Complete a sub-25 5k. Bit optimistic this one.
  15. Learn to style my hair in victory rolls properly, as opposed to rollers and hairspray and hoping for the best
  16. Eat at a michelin star restaurant
  17. Run back to back marathons
  18. Volunteer at parkrun, doing 3 different roles
  19. Try a new cuisine
  20. Go rock-climbing
  21. Bowl a perfect game (again, optimistic but it had to go in)
  22. Clear out my wardrobe and be really ruthless
  23. Volunteer at a food shelter
  24. Raise £1000 for charity
  25. Complete 30 races
  26. Bake Danish pastry
  27. Apply for Only Connect
  28. Finish something I start
  29. Learn to say hello in 10 languages
  30. Fulfil someone’s wish

My birthday was Sunday – the challenge starts now!

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