30 Races

As part of my 30 before 30 challenge, I listed completing 30 different races. As it happens, I’ve completed 15 races in my running career, so I need to find another 15 to complete by November 9 2015. Yes, that is my 30th birthday in case you want to shower me with gifts.

So here is my current line up of planned races:

  1. Battersea 5k Santa Run on December 6th
  2. Sidcup 10 Mile on March 8th
  3. North London Half Marathon on March 15th
  4. Solomon Citytrail Richmond Half Marathon on March 22nd
  5. Surrey Spitfire 20 on March 29th
  6. Brighton Marathon on April 12th

This list takes me up to 21. I live in Sidcup. Can anyone recommend any races to add to that list?

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