A Champagne ‘Thank You’ from Waitrose

I love Waitrose. They are my favourite supermarket and throughout January, they have been running a lovely Champagne “Thank You” campaign and asked if I wanted to mark a special occasion with a bottle of Brut. Now that the baby is due anytime (hurry up!), I of course said yes.

I have also been very much looked after over these past few months by my boyfriend. I haven’t had the easiest time in pregnancy as I have developed gestational diabetes and I have also been on crutches for the past 4 months after a severe onset of pelvic pain. Jimmy has been doing all the cooking, tidying, putting up with my moaning, running out to the shops to buy me things to keep me entertained, got up at 3.00am in the morning to make me food and all sorts, so a bottle of champagne to wet the babies head and say “thank you” really is the perfect gift. As part of the celebration, disposable glasses and party poppers were included, along with some very much appreciated gifts for the baby – coconut massage oil and a bib, plus some lovely bio-oil for me.

Waitrose are including a free bottle of champagne with all deliveries online in January, a lovely treat and perfect for extending the festive cheer throughout what is typically a rather depressing month. If you enjoy cooking like I do and want to make the celebration really special, they’ve also collated a selection of gorgeous recipes using champagne as an ingredient. The champagne risotto in particular adds a touch of class to a delicious favourite.

So, if you have an occasion to celebrate or just want to say “thank you” to someone, why not stock up on some ingredients and take inspiration from their champagne celebrations?

Thank YOU, Waitrose!

Photos to come – my phone is currently not wanting to share pictures.


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