A day in the life of a fitness blogger

Blogging and bloggers really seem to be buzzwords. There was THAT article about “mommy bloggers”. There is also the general assumption that bloggers sell out, that we’ll do anything for a free eyeliner or something. Or we endorse products simply because we’re being paid to. I love blogging, I run the UK Fitness Bloggers network and I genuinely find it as fascinating area. Yes, I probably do take it too seriously sometimes, but I’m interested in regulations and good practice and all that geeky stuff. I’m not about to go off on a rant “Oh, but it takes TIME to review xyz” as I appreciate that many people find bloggers self-entitled. But I am going to take you through a day in the life of THIS fitness blogger.

7.30am: Get up because the toddler is shrieking to get up because she wants her breakfast. I’m tired because I haven’t slept well. I do my normal thing of pondering a pre-breakfast run and then not actually doing it.

8.30am: Leave house. I’ve been invited to a product launch this morning. I’m hoping that they’ll have some snacks on arrival because I didn’t manage to eat breakfast. We’d forgotten to put some break on over night and there wasn’t much else in other than porridge and I really don’t like porridge. This is bad as breakfast IS the most important meal of the day. Oops. Not setting a good example. Toddler enjoyed hers though. I spent far too much time getting ready as I know the cameras are there and I always look awful in photos. I grab a spare top at the last minute. On the bus, I tweet, check Facebook and see what’s going on in the UK Fitness Bloggers group.

10.00am: Arrive at venue – Frame in Shoredtich. Don’t know anyone. Everyone else looks really pulled together and fantastic and they’re mingling. I stand on the outskirts, wishing I was as groomed as everyone else. Charlie from The Runner Beans turns up and I talk her ear off. Frame is a really cool place and I wonder why I’ve never been before.

10.30am: We watch the new advert and then it’s trampolining time! I usually hate group exercise sessions because I’m really uncoordinated. I like to go for a run and do my thing. In group sessions, I feel uncoordinated and out of place because I’m ALWAYS the person going left when everyone else goes right, my feet turn out, I can’t squat and I’m generally just a bit rubbish. I always have an attack of nerves at group classes like this. No need to worry though – this one was so much fun and it didn’t matter that I wasn’t very good. We bounce up and down  and generally break more of a sweat than expected. When I get off my trampette, I’m surprised to feel the ground wobble beneath me, like getting off a boat. We all get chatting and take photos of each other.


Light and Free trampoline


11.30am: We mingle and we talk yoghurt. Today’s launch is for Danone Light and Free yogurt. I’m not usually that interested in attending launches for low-fat products, but I really wanted to try trampolining as I hadn’t tried it since school. Danone Light and Free yoghurt is described as “Deliciously thick, sumptuously creamy tasting Greek style yogurt, with scrumptious fruit pieces, 0% fat, 0% added sugar, unbelievably tasty!” I sample a raspberry pot because I’m nuts about raspberries and I’m pleasantly surprised. It is thick, there’s plenty of fruit in it and it’s delicious and creamy. I often find that low-fat foods have a chemical aftertaste, but this doesn’t. Available in raspberry, blueberry, strawberry, cherry, and peach & passionfruit, there is a flavour for every palate. They are currently half price in Tesco, so give them a go.




Noon: Eeek. It’s photo time. I jump up and down on a trampoline pulling silly faces and the photographer creates this picture for me. It’s pretty cool.


Light and Free


1.00pm: I ponder going into the office, but I’m a bit of a sweaty mess, so I decide to walk back to London Bridge and get the train home. I spend time tweeting on the way home and reading emails. I post my photo on instagram and get some likes, but feel a bit sad that in my mind, I don’t look as good as the others. I’m always very self-conscious of the fact that I don’t look like a fitness blogger. Now this leads to the question, “what does a fitness blogger look like?” There’s a million answers to this, but the reality is that we are all different and just because I’m not slim and toned doesn’t mean that I can’t blog about fitness. But it does make me wonder sometimes whether anyone actually takes me seriously. After all, what a self-confessed beer lover and cake eater know? Once again, insecurities surface.

2.30pm: I’m home and jump into the bath as toddler is having a nap. Then I slob about in my pjs on the sofa and have lunch. I’m having a tuna roll and salad today.

3.00pm: I start sifting through emails. Some are PR opportunities, some are press releases. Someone asked me to try meal replacement shakes to lose weight – I hit delete on this one. Other emails I respond to. I start browsing Twitter and Facebook again. The thing with blogging, you need to be active on social media and sometimes I think it’s made me more of an addict than I used to be.

3.30pm: Fuelled by coffee, I sit down to write a blog post for Unicef. I promised to write a series of posts leading up to the Royal Parks Half and I don’t want to let them down. This article is about things to remember when running for a charity. I hope that people read it and think about what they do. Sometimes I write posts that I think are good, that give people something to think about and I don’t really get feedback. Other times, I write something more generic and I do. Blogging is funny sometimes.

5.00pm: Toddler is eating dinner, so I take advantage of my husband feeding her to catch up on other bits of work. I work as Communications Manager for a national governing body and as Content Manager for a website, as well as other freelance bits and pieces. My accounts need to be updated. I spend some time invoicing, and scheduling some tweets and FB statuses through Buffer for these brands.

6.00pm: Time to spend some time playing with Rose. We do some drawings (tomatoes feature a lot) and read some books. Then she wants to sing “Be Prepared” from The Lion King, so we go through that a few times. She then demands that “Mummy goes in the sticks.” This means I have to stand in the doorway whilst she tries to kick balls past me.

7.00pm: It’s Rose’s bedtime. Final cuddles, then she goes into her cot. I say “Night Rose”. She says “See you mummy, wouldn’t want to be you mummy, SHUT THE DOOR”. Charming. Husband gets on with cooking dinner and I go back to my laptop where once again, I spend too much time on social media. I then start going through Google Alerts for anything relevent and start planning what I’m up to next week. Somehow, I don’t seem to have much free time.

8.30pm: It’s dinner time! We’re having chilli and rice and I can’t resist the cheddar cheese on top. I’m a real cheese fiend. I pour a glass of wine and my husband tells me to put my phone down. I ignore him because you know, what if I miss something?

9.00pm: I finally concede that I should probably put my laptop, phone and tablet down now. We find a suitably terrible film (San Andreas) tonight and I give in to some mindless and terrible entertainment, all whilst trying to find logic in it. Although at the same time, my mind is still pondering how everyone else can do the perfect flatlay…and what’s the best selfie pose?


Disclaimer: Danone invited me to the product launch. Thoughts my own.

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