A Marathon Decision

Most of my readers will know that last year, I completed the Brighton Marathon. Despite the 26 degree heat, despite the sunburn, despite getting suncream, energy drinks and Vaseline in my hair, I enjoyed every single minute of it, despite arriving home slightly outside target.

In April, I dragged myself out in a slightly hungover state to cheer my friend Dan around the London Marathon. And I got marathon envy. Real marathon envy. I wanted to jump over and join in and I wanted a medal.

I am also someone who needs to have a challenge to stay motivated. If I’m not in a race, I don’t feel motivated. And my 10k training efforts are very half arsed as I figure it’s a short enough distance to just wing it. Which of course, I can’t. So the time has come for a new challenge and to re-motivate myself. And that challenge is The Luton Marathon.

Why? Several reasons. It’s at the end of November and those of you who know me are well aware that I’m very good at bringing unseasonably hot weather with me to a race. However, I am very confident that a race at the end of November will be cold. I also overheat and actually prefer running in cool temperatures with a drizzle. It’s also not too far on the train so getting home shouldn’t be too much of a problem, it’s cheap and if I can’t convince my boyfriend to run it with me, then he can bloody well come and cheer instead.

The only slight issue is that it has a strict 5 hour limit. However, I’m sure I can beat this, with the required work and effort. I wanted to run inside 5 for Brighton and ran 5.08 which isn’t far out. This was also my first marathon and it was incredibly hot and I ended up with sunburn. I have until November to train. Shaving off those extra 8 minutes isn’t unrealistic, is it?

On another note, the lovely people at eGlove are offering you Moonwalkers out there a special discount on their pink gloves. The code MOON will get you 25% off and if you pay full price, they’ll donate 20% of the sale price to your Moonwalk Justgiving page if you leave your details. How’s that for a nice company, eh?

One thought on “A Marathon Decision

  1. Just catching up my blog subscirptions so sorry this is a little late – YAY!!! I am doing the Luton Marathon too – it’s run by my running club, I am stoked you are doing it too. I’m also a little worried about the 5hr finish time but with 26 weeks we have plenty of time to get ourselves ready. WOOHOO!

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