A Year On…Thank You Running

Brooks have recently launched a fantastic new pair of shoes – the Ravenna 6. Aren’t they beautiful?

Brooks Ravenna 6
Brooks Ravenna 6

If you want the chance to win your own pair, simply submit your own video telling everyone how running has helped in your life.

I took these shoes out for a test run yesterday with a friend. February 18th marked a bit of a milestone for me. Last year on this day, I got readmitted to hospital 5 days after having Rose. I’m not going to recap all the details yet again, but put it this way, I was really ill. The whole trauma of the birth and subsequent events really messed with my head and over the past year, I have spent far too much time dwelling on it all.

I have also REALLY hated my body.

I’ve hated the weight gain.

I’ve hated how long it takes to lose again, although I KNOW this is normal and need to stop worrying.

I’ve hated how pregnancy and having a baby has made me feel like I’m not in control of my own body.

I’ve hated all the pain.

I’ve hated the complications.

That’s quite a lot of hate burning up inside, right?

This is where running comes in. Last summer, I gradually started to run again. First half a mile. Then a mile. Then a 5k. A 10k. A half marathon. Now I’m running on a regular basis again and training for my marathons. Running helped me feel in control of my body again. It’s made me feel stronger. It’s helped me to clear my head and not to worry about anything except where I’m going and my breathing.

Yesterday marked a whole year since that horrible day when I was rushed back in. And my run yesterday celebrated that recovery.

#ThankYouRunning (Twitter hashtag).


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