Afternoon Tea

On Friday, I planned to go for a run. Then I planned to go for afternoon tea with Jog Blog. The run didn’t happen. Afternoon tea did. So did beer. Yum.

Anyway, I’d never been for afternoon tea before and so this was a new experience and I was probably a bit over-excited about it. Jog Blog found a deal on Living Social and said “oh look, what a wonderfully generous offer, shall we quench our thirst over tea and cakes with a delightful glass of champagne?” and I said in plummy terms “why yes old bean, that’s a simply outstanding idea.”

It’s probably more accurate that she said “hey, do you want afternoon tea?” and I said “yes, cool, can there be beer?” to which the response was probably “of course!”

Pointless dialogue aside, our voucher took us to the St Pancras Grand Champagne Bar where we sat alongside a Eurostar train and I wanted to go to Paris.

Upon arrival, we weren’t made to feel like lesser beings due to our voucher which was a plus point. I like nice things, I just don’t like paying for them and I can confirm that our afternoon tea was indeed a nice thing. There was a minor hiccup in the beginning when it arrived and all of our sandwiches appeared to be meat or fish. We later discovered that actually, one of the sandwiches was carrot disguised as smoked salmon, but a single vegetarian sandwich was not sufficient, especially as the website said we’d receive a selection of salmon, chicken, egg and cheese & tomato. Jog Blog asked for them to bring some vegetarian sandwiches¬† and we were presented with a plate of carrot sandwiches.

Yes, a plate full of exclusively carrot sandwiches which we both stared at slightly incredulously in a “this is a bit insulting” type way. I then explained that we’d only asked for some vegetarian and I wasn’t and could I have some of the others back please? He interpreted this incorrectly as us asking for fish sandwiches and came back with a plate of trout and crayfish sandwiches. By this point, we decided not to bother explaining anymore and just ate what we had and at least we had extra sandwiches. The trout and crayfish were delicious but the unexpected delight was the carrot sandwiches.

I’m not sure why they were so tasty. They just were. And yes, we did eat them all.

Would I recommend afternoon tea at St Pancras? I’d say yes, although the distinct lack of cakes was a bit disappointing. That said, we were provided with six mini desserts to eat which even I couldn’t manage and the scones were the best I’ve ever had. I’m not sure that I’d want to pay full price, but despite the sandwich confusion, it was very much worth the ¬£25 paid between us. And we had champagne.

Then we went to the pub. Funny that.

Afternoon tea with carrot sandwiches


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