Annoying Things People WILL Shout at The London Marathon


And for that matter, annoying things people will shout, or display on banners at ANY marathon. And a half marathon too, for that matter.

You’re nearly there!

Not so bad at the 26 mile mark. Unfortunately, they tend to shout it less than a mile in. F**k off.

Pain is just weakness leaving the body!

Pain is all the miles in my legs.

Don’t be shit.

I’m running a marathon. I’m clearly not shit. I’m awesome.

Smile and remember you paid to do this!

And most runners question why…

This is a lot of work for a free banana.

I PAID for that banana in my entry!

You know the first person to do this died?

I know people think they are being funny with this one and maybe I’m just sensitive, but I don’t think this one is particularly funny. Yes, we all know the legend. But some people sadly do die taking part in these events and a dear friend of mine has cardiomyopathy. Not funny. Sorry. Marathons are tough on the body.

Stop walking!

Augh! Again, I know this is supposed to be motivational, but many people have walking as part of their race plans. Or when you’re miles in and hurting and faced with a hill, I’m walking up it. Anything can go wrong in a race. There’s no shame in walking, especially if it means you finish and prevent injury.


I’m not really grumpy! I truly do appreciate the support from spectators. It really gives you a huge lift when people call your name, or give you encouragement. I couldn’t have finished London last year without the crowds! Being told you look strong is really helpful, especially if you don’t feel it, because it spurs you on to keep going. The high fives – who doesn’t love a high five? Being told you’re nearly there however, is really annoying.

Do you love encouragement? What words do you like to here? And what really annoys you?

7 thoughts on “Annoying Things People WILL Shout at The London Marathon

  1. You missed the worst one! ‘Keep going!’ As in, nah I thought I would just stop here and forget about finishing the race I have trained for, meeting my friends/family at the end or picking up my belongings at the end of the race. I was just going to live out the rest of my life at the side of the race route quite happily until you motivated me with those wise words!

  2. It’s hard though – I was up spectating at Manchester yesterday and even KNOWING exactly what winds me up at mile 25, you still find yourself accidentally shouting things without realising, so goodness knows how difficult non-running spectators find it…

    I also learnt that the majority of marathon runners in Manchester appear to be called Steve or Helen!

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