April Issue of Om Yoga Magazine

Get running fit with yoga

Om Yoga have kindly provided me with an online subscription to their magazine and I finally managed to find some time between Rose’s screaming to sit down and read it.

There is a lot of interesting information in there. If you know me well, you’ll know that I am a bit of a yoga-phobe. I find it utterly stressful and am completely incapable of bending my body. Except the bridge. For some reason, I can still do a bridge. However, now that I am no longer pregnant and my body is feeling a bit battered, the idea of some gentle beginners yoga to stretch out suddenly seems a lot more appealing. The magazine caters for all levels and it was interesting that they show you how to do different exercises at levels from beginner to advanced.

I was especially interested in the article Get running fit with yoga. People have been telling me for ages that as a runner, I should consider yoga. I usually give them a look, along with the explanation that the only bending I do is bending to pick up a pint. However, this article was interesting reading and everything stated makes complete sense, explaining how yoga can strengthen your running ability. There is no doubt that stretching is good for us and that yoga can strengthen the core muscles. But they also touch on the psychological, explaining how “a runner with her head down has already given up” and how increased core strength leads to a natural, upright running position. The exercises pictured have been listed with runners in mind and target areas that we typically used. With no complicated moves involving your head under your armpit whilst twisting your legs backwards (ok, so I exaggerate), these moves look beneficial and gentle enough for even the most inflexible person (me!) to carry out.

Aimed at both men and women and including a lot of information such as recipes, yoga fashion and other related health benefits, Om Yoga Magazine is an interesting read, even for the self-confessed yoga-phobes. Now, pass me a mat…

If you want to subscribe to Om Yoga Magazine, you can do so here.

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