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I was lucky enough recently to be sent a vest top and a pair of socks from BAM Bamboo Clothing to try out. If you haven’t heard of the term “bamboo clothing” before, it is moisture wicking, temperature controlled, anti-bacterial, UV protective and anti-static. Better still, all of these properties are combined to make a truly soft and luxurious garment. BAM were the first brand in Europe to begin offering bamboo clothing back in 2006 and continue to lead the way in innovation. Even better still, they’re also ethical, with a tree being planted in the name of the purchaser for every order received. Bamboo is the fastest growing planet in the world and is 100& biodegradable and is much less reliant on water than cotton is, making it a responsible choice of clothing for those of you who care about the environment.

Back story aside, what’s the actual product like? l was sent this lovely vest in Airforce Blue from their “luxurious everyday essentials” range. The claim that the product is luxurious isn’t just a claim; upon opening the packet, I was struck by just how lovely and soft it felt, not unlike a cashmere blend. The colour was gorgeous, a really feminine shade of blue and I was really pleased with how flattering it was when I tried it on. It’s a slightly longer length than most tops, reaching down to the mid/bottom of the hips, which makes it very slimming. It was also incredibly comfortable when I tried it on and my only concern was that whilst I could see how it would be a great top for yoga or pilates, I was worried that it may be slightly too heavy for running as I’m a bit of a sweaty-betty. My concerns were unfounded however and the temperature controlling elements of this top are clearly true as I felt really comfortable during my run. My only slight criticism is the fact that the sweat showed through the small of my back, but this was probably to be expected as it’s a light colour and I’m a sweaty girl. Besides, if you don’t sweat when you run, you’re probably not working hard enough, right? The vests are retailing at £18, although some of the colours are in the sale. As a comfortable and stylish top for exercise, I’d certainly recommend. It’s actually a nice enough top that you could also get away with wearing it just with jeans and how many fitness tops offer that as a benefit? I’m a size 12/14 and opted for a 12 and it was a good fit.

I was also lucky enough to have been set a pair of socks. These are available from the BAM website at the price of £12 a pack of three, which I think is really reasonable compared to how you can be paying almost as much as that for a single pair of socks from a specialist running shop. These come in a variety of pretty colours so that if you’re anything like me, you can coordinate your socks to your top. Much as I loved the top, for me, the socks were the real stars of the show and I will be going back to their website to buy some more. I’m not sure how much you can really say about socks to make them interesting, but like the top, they are soft to the touch and incredibly comfortable on. I was concerned that due to the thickness, my feet may overheat and sweat too much, but this really wasn’t the case at all. My feet felt nicely cushioned once I had them on and based on this, I think they’ll be brilliant for anyone suffering from chronic blisters as they’ll offer protection without the need for spending vast amounts of money on special blister plasters.

The website is easy to navigate around and they have also taken the time to consider the needs of customers using mobile platforms such as iPads and mobile phones. I do all my online shopping from my computer, but I know people on the go often shop from mobile devices and with this in mind, the website, created in conjunction with MoPowered functions well and is easy to navigate through a mobile phone.

All in all, would I recommend? Absolutely. Stylish, environmentally friendly clothing, fit for purpose and at reasonable prices. What more do you want?

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  1. I’m really pleased that you have gone back to 68% bamboo viscose and 28% organic cotton as its so much softer. I do love wearing it and have bought a base layer top for our children to.

    Sasha Godalming Surrey

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