The benefits of running with a friend

I’m still running fine. I had a really enjoyable couple of runs over Easter, including a lovely run in the pouring rain with a local running friend, Laura, on Easter Monday.

Yes, that’s right. It was hammering down with rain and I still had a really enjoyable run. We ran about 4k out along the town and around the outskirts of town, splashing water over each other, flooding our trainers, freezing cold, wringing water from our sodden hair and then had a lovely catch up over a desperately wanted hot drink to warm up.

And it was bloody marvellous. I had forgotten how pleasant it is to go running with a friend. Running is a solitary sport and for me, it’s a great time to be alone with my thoughts and process and work through emotions. But sometimes, it is really good fun to go for a social run and the benefits are numerous.


Soaking wet selfie

I so would not have gone out had I not been meeting Laura!



Not gonna lie. Although we had a brilliant run on Monday, I would not have gone out on my own in that weather. It was hammering it down and if I hadn’t arranged to meet Laura, I would have called a pyjama day. Running with a friend is great for accountability as even if the weather is bad, you will still go as you won’t want to let your friend down.



Running with a friend is a great opportunity to catch up on all their news. Sometimes it’s difficult to find enough time in the day to do everything you want to do and friendships are something that no one should ever want to let slide. Running together is a great chance to catch up whilst getting some miles in your legs and it’s much cheaper than going to the pub! Of course, there is nothing quite like a post-run pint…



I find it easier to run for longer when I run with a friend. Or if I’m trying to get faster, sometimes running with a slightly quicker friend helps. Running a hilly route? You can beast each other up the hill – the reinforcement from someone that you CAN do something is invaluable!


And finally…who else can you talk about running to without boring them? Exactly. Running friends rock.



Corey & I, my super running friend at Spitfire Scramble!




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