Boobalicious – A Guide to Sports Bras for Big Boobed Runners

Anyone who knows me will know that I have big boobs. I can’t hide the fact. At a 32G and a runner, it is therefore absolutely vital that I have a good sports bra. For this reason, I often get asked by fellow big-breasted ladies where they can get a good, cheap, sports bra.

Good luck with that, ladies.

Unfortunately, it is a fact that running with big boobs is going to hurt. According to this article, a pair of D-cup boobs weigh between 15-23 lbs. My non-scientific self calls bullshit on this, however it is fair to say that they weigh a few pounds. A few pounds of loose tissue jiggling around is going to hurt and therefore if you are blessed (or cursed) with big boobs, then you need to restrain them.

Wearing two sports bras is not the answer. They can compress breast tissue. Wearing a regular bra under a fitted crop-top style sports bra is not the answer either. Regular bras are not designed for workouts, the straps will cut into your shoulders and a crop-top style is just not supportive. Additionally, there is absolutely no need when there are good sports bras available.

I understand that we all like to save a few pennies when we can and that you may be loathe to spend money on expensive equipment when taking up running for the first time. However, trying to save money by making to with a sub-standard sports bra is one of the silliest things you can do. Hands up who suffers back pain sometimes from boobs? Exactly. So why antagonise the situation? Would you run in any old pair of shoes? Admittedly, perhaps you are making do with an old pair of trainers before spending out for some decent running shoes, but would you run in a pair of high heels? A pair of flip-flops? A pair of ballet pumps? Of course not. So why make do with any old bra?

Bouncing boobs can lead to sagging boobs. And once that damage is done, there is no going back. Who wants to go around with spaniels ears around their waists with an aching back? Not me!

Ladies, I urge you to think of your boobs! Get a bra for high-impact sport. If you have big breasts, a crop-top style bra is not going to be supportive enough. You need thick straps to offer support and prevent those unsightly grooves in the shoulders when you take it off. It should fit snugly, without restricting breathing. Don’t be afraid to jump up and down in the changing room. Does it jiggle? If it does, check the size. If the bra fits, but the boobs still jiggle, then it could be that this just isn’t the right style of bra for you. I personally like the racer-style back as I feel that they support my breasts more effectively than a bra that just snaps shut.

So what do I recommend?

The first sports bra I purchased for running was this corset-like thing from Enell. It was recommended to be a friend with even bigger boobs than me. Yes, it’s ugly. Yes, at £45 it’s expensive. Yes, it’s a bit of a mission to get on and feels like wearing a corset to begin with. But you know what? Absolutely nothing moves. I ran my first half marathon in this and forgot I had it on. It’s an excellent product and well worth the money. Sizes are non-traditional and they encourage you to measure yourself to ensure the best fit for you. I bought the size 1 and it’s fantastic. With bust sizes going up to 56″, this really is the answer to the prayers of the Big-Boobed Ladies!

My other favoured sports bra is the Ultimate Run Bra by Shock Absorber. More affordable than the Enell and more stylish, this is also a good option, although sizes stop at 38F. I chose to run my marathon in this and was grateful for the support it gave me and the wonderful lack of back-ache after. It does chafe slightly under the bust where the label is, if you are going long distances, but this can be taken care of with anti-chafing gels. With fastenings just below the neck in addition to across your back, this has the racer back for easy movement, whilst still being supported. This bra retails at about £25-30, making it a reasonable price.

Finally, splash out on at least two sports bras. With washing, they tend to lose their support over time, so ring the changes between the two. Spend the money, your boobs will thank you.



5 thoughts on “Boobalicious – A Guide to Sports Bras for Big Boobed Runners

  1. im a 30FF (i was 32G before running) and would totally agree that boobs come first (literally for some of us) and advocate a quality sports bra.
    however when i took up running and kick boxing i found my old bra was not supportive enough (its a Shock absorber) so i looked around for a new one.
    i have bought a panache underwired moulded cup sports bra.
    This has a light wire supporting the shape of your breast, with padded lining so you don’t feel the wire without adding any unnecessary bulk.
    it also helps minimise the bounce at the top of the breast by completely cupping the tissue. (i have very little fat across my sternum and breast bone, just the stretched skin from my fatter days… so having that support helps minimise the pain from the dreaded bounce.) its £38 but worth the money for very high impact sports- runners can keep running and fighters can fight on!!

  2. Great article, I agree to you that going for a high impact bra is the best option and we must not focus on saving money as we will be having sagging boobs in the future if we do not act now. I would like to give the product you mentioned a try in the changing room and if it fits snug I will for sure buy it.

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