Buffwear is the company selling the most awesome products ever for running. They’re really cool AND they’re useful. There’s also a littleĀ bit of genius going on and I was lucky enough to be sent some products to try out.

So what is a Buff? Simple really; they’re a bit like snoods, but lightweight and are designed to keep your neck warm, basically doing the job of a scarf. These are great for running as you simply pull them on over the head, they don’t flap about and they’re not too tight to the neck either. Quite simply put, this is probably the most useful accessory that I now own. As you all know, I get very hot and sweaty when I run, even when it is cold and raining. However, I am also prone to chest and throat infections and find that my throat and ears become very painful when I run in the cold weather. The Buff is going to be just fantastic in those winter months as it will give me that extra warmth I need around my neck and ears whilst the rest of my body is content with just a t-shirt and capris. They also come in a wide selection of colours and patterns, so the fashion conscious can even have one to match each running outfit!

I was also sent the Visor Buff to try out. I was a bit apprehensive about going out wearing this. Men can get away with this sort of thing because they just don’t care. I was a bit concerned that I might look like Hulk Hogan in it, but without the moustache. However, it was a hot day, I dislike wearing hats because I overheat and the material is lightweight so I thought I should suck up my pride and try it out. Maybe I did look a bit ridiculous and like Hulk’s long-lost twin sister, but I ended up not caring. My hair was kept out of my face, the sun was kept out of my eyes and offered my face some protection, and it was really comfortable. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that my head stayed nice and cool and have worn it on several occasions since. It’s actually a really handy accessory and the people shooting weird looks probably thought I was weird for running anyway.

The final goody I received was a headband. Now there isn’t a great deal that I can say about a headband as they are fairly self explanatory. But again, they’re lightweight, they look great, come in a variety of patterns and are brilliant for keeping the hair out of my face. I also know I’ll be using it a lot in winter to give my ears some extra protection.

So would I recommend? The answer is absolutely a big “yes”. The products are cool, are useful and will get a lot of use. I’m browsing the website as I type this and am mentally making a shopping list of further products to buy in the future, including a Buff for my dog, although she is 15 and lives in Cornwall and therefore won’t have any use for it. I can’t be the only runner in this cold and rainy country who suffers from chest and throat issues and for you guys, the Buff is clearly going to be a worthy investment.

3 thoughts on “Buffwear

  1. The buff is also super handy for trekking, both in snow (for obvious reasons) and sand/desert. A thoroughly useful and amazingly simple product!

  2. Oooh, the ‘buff visor’ looks interesting, with a shaved head nasty sunburn is something I like to avoid. Also rather than a sweatband it’s a good solution to keeping some of the sweat out of my eyes.
    I think I’ll give them a look, Cheers Hulk Hogan

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