Rockalily Cuts

If you’ve been following me for a while, you will be aware that I really love my hair. And if you’re not aware, just look to the side panel. Yep, that’s me. A walking, talking mermaid. People often ask me where I get my hair done and it’s often got me shout outs in races. When I’m in town, people stop to chat. It’s a great conversation starter and the truth is, I feel more like me when I have colour in my hair. So in the current absence of running, while I’m on the… View Post

Quiz Occasionwear

Time for something a little bit different. Those of you who have followed me for a while know that while I identify as a fitness blogger, I am a sucker for nice clothes. I also have a wedding to go to later this summer, which is always an excuse for a fabulous new outfit. I was recently contacted by Quiz Clothing, who have recently launched a line of occasionwear. They asked me if I would like to try some of the range – but with a difference. I was going to be asked to select… View Post

Streets Ahead Croydon Half Marathon 2015 Race Report

Oh dear. It’s that time of year where germs are rife in the air. And with the Brighton Marathon less than 2 weeks away, it’s all gone very, very wrong. I lost nearly all of March to flu and subsequently ended up missing my planned races and long runs. Ever had proper flu? I’m never going to make a flippant comment about “a touch of flu” again. Yuck. On Sunday, I was supposed to be doing the Surrey Spitfire 20 as my last long run before Brighton. Unfortunately, I hadn’t run in about 3 weeks… View Post

Finding the best sports bra Part 1 – Shock …

I know I go on about this a lot, but it’s SO important. Sports bras. Time after time, I read about the well endowed lady saying she can’t get a good fitting sports bra. Or she claims that she has found a really good bra, but she needs to wear 2 of them. If you have to wear 2 bras, it isn’t the right one for you. It takes time, trial and error, but I really believe that the right sports bra is out there, whatever your size and shape. But first of all, let’s… View Post

Lady Vintage Poppy Dress – Royal British Legion

Although I blog mostly about running and fitness, it’s common knowledge that I am a massive fan of forties and fifties fashions, and occasionally dresses and victory rolls find their way to my blog. This is why when I was recently contacted about this beautiful Poppy Swing Dress, I had to share it! Available in stunning red on black, or my favourite, red on white, this stunning dress is available for just £49.99 with proceeds going directly to the Royal British Legion, making it an easier alternative to fundraising than running a marathon, which is… View Post