The real life of a fitness blogger

In this crazy world of a fitness blogger, of social influencers, of Instagram, of everything, it’s sometimes really easy to forget that this is real life. But is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? As I’ve talked about before, I sometimes feel like a fraud in the fitness blogger world. I can’t do chin ups. I eat cake. I wear a size 14 and I haven’t rub a sub hour 10k for 5 years. I can’t do a chin up. I hate yoga. I am a terrible fitness blogger. Although, I can do… View Post

The truth about yo yo dieting.

You all know how I feel about fad diets and meal replacement shakes and schemes such as JuicePlus, etc. My good friend Gemma, a personal trainer, asked me if she could write a piece for my blog about her experiences with dieting and her advice on how to eat well. Here’s the first instalment, raw and unedited. Grab a cup of tea – I think it’s an emotional piece. Thank you Gemma for sharing this. The first thing I was taught about metabolism was treat it like a fire. Everyone knows the concept that fire… View Post

Life round up – I’m busy!

I’ve had an insanely busy few weeks and I don’t know whether I’m coming or going these days. I have a million different things to blog about as well, but I decided to write a life round up about all the craziness that’s been going on recently. On the plus side, I have new hair. How do you make time? I’ve always considered myself to be someone fairly good at creating time and opportunity to get s**t done. However, these last few weeks have run away with me and I sit here now thinking about… View Post

Bodyshaming behind the keyboard

I’ve talked about bodyshaming before. I’ve talked about people trolling and shouting at me when I’ve been out running and it really hurts. I’ve had some charming individual drive up to me to call me “fatty”. You could argue that I should grow a thicker skin or learn to ignore it,  but it hurts. I was recently invited to take part in a campaign called “Everyday Athlete”. This campaign is fantastic – it’s trying to inspire people to make small changes to their everyday behaviours, which result in a healthy lifestyle. Everyone is an everyday… View Post

A day in the life of a …

Blogging and bloggers really seem to be buzzwords. There was THAT article about “mommy bloggers”. There is also the general assumption that bloggers sell out, that we’ll do anything for a free eyeliner or something. Or we endorse products simply because we’re being paid to. I love blogging, I run the UK Fitness Bloggers network and I genuinely find it as fascinating area. Yes, I probably do take it too seriously sometimes, but I’m interested in regulations and good practice and all that geeky stuff. I’m not about to go off on a rant “Oh,… View Post