Dressing for Success: Networking and Meetings

Post in collaboration with House of Fraser. I mentioned in a previous post about my daily routine that I often wear running kit into the office. Note, this doesn’t actually mean that I make it out for a run, although the intentions are there. Anyway, it’s comfortable and sometimes I *do* make it out. Sometimes. Anyway, although I work for myself and have my own space, sometimes it’s necessary for me to meet with potential clients, or go to a networking event and on these occasions, it’s important to dress up a bit and make… View Post

Recreating Amanda Chantal Bacon’s Day – HelsBels …

Have you heard of Amanda Chantal Bacon? She’s the owner and founder of Moon Juice, an LA based juice bar. She was recently featured in Elle, taking us through her daily routine. There’s no doubt she’s a pretty admirable lady, running a successful business, being a mother, looking fantastic…but is her routine realistic for most of us? I like to think we’re similar. We’re both female for a start. We both run businesses. We’re both active. And we both have kids. Ok, so she has beautiful skin, is in wonderful shape and is really successful.… View Post

Fat Shaming on Tube

Ugh. What is wrong with people? As someone who has been heckled in the past, I was absolutely horrified to read this article about ‘Fat shaming’ cards being handed to people on the tube. For those who don’t want to click through, commuters on the underground have been handed cards from individuals proclaiming to be from “Overweight Haters Ltd”. These delightful cards then “helpfully” go on to tell the recipient that they are fat and ugly and to blame for the fact that half the world is starving. Charming. I haven’t received one of these,… View Post

Running for My Mental Health

I want to write about running. And I want to write about mental health. My head has been in a bad place since February last year, when Rose was born. It’s a tired subject here I know, but to recap: I suffered from SPD during pregnancy and spent months on crutches before being bedridden from pain I had gestational diabetes which seems to be trying to linger around. I can’t get a diabates diagnosis, but I can’t get a clear no either I collapsed a lot from low blood pressure On the day, I had… View Post