Running a marathon abroad

I seem to have a bit of wanderlust at the moment. I keep seeing photos from exotic locations on Facebook where my friends have been on holiday, or I gorge myself on one too many travel blogs and start to get itchy feet.     So now I’m starting to toy with the idea of going to run a marathon abroad. It would satisfy my wanderlust and I think it would be fun to run an event abroad. Plus having spent the money to go and travel would surely motivate me to work extra hard,… View Post

Forest Foraging with Forest Holidays – Part 2 Cooking!

Recently, I had a wonderful night at the Forest of Dean with Forest Holidays (Part 1 of review). The idea of the trip was to teach us how to forage for food and then prepare it. Warning: this post is NOT vegetarian friendly. The second day of our visit saw a slight blip when the electricity on site and in the surrounding village failed. However, this wasn’t a problem for us as the trip was about getting back to nature anyway, although I have to confess to being sad about missing out on my promised… View Post

Forest Foraging with Forest Holidays Part 1

A couple of weeks back, I had the wonderful experience of attending a foraging event in the Forest of Dean with Forest Holidays. I’ve been keen to explore more active holidays and activities, so when I was invited to attend with some other awesome bloggers, I jumped at the chance. With an overnight stay in the luxury cabins, a night vision tour of the forest, a lesson in foraging and cooking with Nick Weston from Hunter Gather Cook, there was a lot to look forward to.     The Forest of Dean is situated in… View Post

Inaugural Jersey parkrun – run report

I’m back from an awesome couple of days in Jersey with Jo. We had lots of fun doing plenty of walking, kayaking and of course, parkrun. The inaugural Jersey parkrun was held while we were there, so in the interests of tourism, we went along to check it out.     Jersey parkrun is held at Les Quennevais sports centre. An incredible 145 people turned up for the first event, including some other tourists from the UK. There was an incredible atmosphere and general buzz of excitement as the¬†Run Director¬†gave his first ever briefing. The… View Post