Champneys Springs Bootcamp With Lights By Tena


Have you ever had an #oooopsmoment? There’s no shame in admitting you have. Almost 50% of women have experienced light bladder weakness in their lives. It becomes increasingly common as we get older or after childbirth. Exercise, sneezing and laughing are all things that can lead to a tiny #ooopsmoment.

I’m fortunate as this isn’t a problem that I suffer from. However, it’s quite a taboo subject and a reasonably common problem for women when running, so when Lights By Tena invited me along to a Champneys Springs bootcamp, I went along to learn more about it and of course, to enjoy some exercise, a treatment and some cake!

I bumped into Leyla from Motherhood Diaries on the way and we shared a cab on our way to Champneys Springs. It was a beautiful day and upon arrival, we got very excited about what lay ahead for us.


Champneys Springs
Not a great photo, but you can see how lovely it is!


We ambled around inside for a little while, enjoying the relaxed atmosphere. We weren’t allowed to take photos, but we both found ourselves wishing we could stay overnight. Then we went and chilled with a refreshing carrot and orange juice where we were joined by some of the other ladies, including Tracey from Face Up Beauty.

The first order of the day was lunch over a presentation about Lights By Tena. We were told how the Lights By Tena range was specifically designed for light bladder weakness and how it is common in women. As I mentioned, I am fortunate as this is not a problem I suffer from, so I don’t worry about this when running. However, I know it can be a problem for some women especially during exercise and the Light Liners would probably be the perfect solution for women looking for some protection when doing exercise.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

Hands up if you do pelvic floor exercises. If not, why not? I was religious about doing these when I was pregnant and I’m glad I did. I’m not quite so strict now, but I do still make an effort. Training your pelvic floor muscles can help to prevent bladder weakness and even improve it. Exercises are extremely discreet and can be done anywhere – no one will even know that you’re doing them. Lights By Tena also have a downloadable app, telling you how to do them and reminding you to do them each day, while tracking your progress.

Champneys Springs Bootcamp

Like any good, self-respecting fitness blogger, I prepared for our bootcamp by drinking champagne. As it happened, the HIIT session was intense and I don’t think a sensible prep of water would have made any difference.




Craig, our instructor, really put us through our paces and at the end of the 45 minutes, I was ready for my massage. I was pleased I was able to stick with the 4kg weight for most of the session, but several squats and mountain climbers later, my legs were really feeling the burn.


Champneys springs bootcamp
Thanks to Leyla from Motherhood Diaries for the photo!


Next on the agenda was a yoga class. I have a confession. I’m not really a fan of yoga. I’m not very bendy, I find it boring and all the breathing annoys me. This is probably why I am an angry person. That said, even I thought that doing it outside under the blazing sunshine would be utterly blissful. And to be fair, the lying down with our eyes shut bit was lovely! The rest definitely seemed harder than beginners yoga, but I felt stretched out after.

Finally, it was time for our promised treatments. I had a gorgeous back massage, which was really relaxing and just what I needed after that workout. The therapist paid a lot of attention to my lower back, which is always stiff and tense and she really worked some magic. The finishing touch after that was a delightful afternoon tea, complete with incredible ginger cake!

Thank you so much to Lights By Tena for inviting me along to their #noonetoldme Champneys Springs bootcamp event. It was a great afternoon and really informative.

What things did no one ever tell you about growing up? Do you think that bladder weakness is considered a taboo problem, much like periods? Should we talk about it more?



4 thoughts on “Champneys Springs Bootcamp With Lights By Tena

  1. How frustrating that you weren’t able to take photos at a blogger event. What was the reason behind that? Did they say?
    I definitely didn’t do as much pelvic floor work through pregnancy as I should have done, although I seem to have lucked out and gotten away with it somehow (touch wood)! Now that I no longer feel like my insides are being ripped apart with every movement I should really make some attempt to fit these in to each day.
    Sounds like you had a really good day with loads going on. :)

    1. It wasn’t anything to do with the event, Champneys have on the walls that photography in the public areas isn’t allowed – I guess it’s because people are relaxing.

      Really glad you’re feeling better now x

  2. Haha, lovely post Helen. You made me chuckle. This was such an enjoyable and educational event. All the bloggers were so friendly too. Unfortunately I have experienced an Ooops! moment (during a mad Insanity class) and I’m still forgetting to do my pelvic floor exercises (reminder to self)! I hope to see you again very soon. ps: huge thanks for the mention :) Tx

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