Chislehurst Chase 10k

Following the success of Run to the Beat, I kept my running going by deciding to enter the Chislehurst Chase 10k. As it was a cheap race, only a bus ride away, it made sense to enter. I had heard the race was hilly, but nothing prepared me…

Carrying on with my public transport disasters on race day, the bus I intended to catch neglected to turn up and I frantically cabbed it to Chislehurst whilst ranting away on Twitter. I checked my bag and stood around shiverring slightly, waiting to begin.

The race consists of two laps. The first little part is run on the road in Chislehurst before vearing off into the woods where you run two laps before coming out to finish. Here is a brief summary:

1km: Ah, this is pleasant

2km: I’m owning this. Ok, it’s a trail run and I have to watch my footing, but what’s all the fuss about? Weeeeeeeeeeee downhill.

2.5km: Hang on, all this downhill means an uphill.

3k: Oh, shit. Right, I can do this. Haha hill, I’m owning you, I’m all over you, I’ve got you, I am woman, I am awesome, oh fuck, huff puff, I’m dead.

4k: I’m tired. Why did I run the hill? Come on legs? Oh, you need to walk? That sounds nice. Ok then, this is pleasant, a lovely Sunday stroll.

5k: Yeah, ok, this is a pretty race, but I’m tired after that hill. Stupid hill.

6k: “See Daddy, I told you that some fat people would be running!” Cue tears. My tears.

7k: Ah, this bit is fun, oh hang on, that hill must be approaching again. Damnit.

8k: Haha, I walked the hill. Now I can run the rest.

9k: No fellow runner, you must NOT walk, RUN, RUN, RUN!

9.8K: Race ya, fellow runner.


At £10, this wasn’t a bad race. Medal provided, chip timing, friendly marshals, water and banana provided. Unfortunately, they did make a mistake when they lined up the 2k fun runners to start at the finishing line of the 10k race. My sprint finish saw me very nearly ploughing into 100+ people if not for grabbing the side of the stand. This was unsafe. I am also suspicious of the timings. Although I’m not actually disputing my finishing time, I don’t understand how my finishing position was behind that of the man I beat in the sprint finish – when my chip time was also faster. Not that it matters. It also seems that a couple of people unfortunately did not finish the race and at least one person came a cropper over a tree root. That said, it was beautiful and friendly, and I’ll have another go next year, better prepared for The Hill.

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