Chris’s Jogle for STARS

I don’t often blog about charity events. However, this is one close to the heart.

I have a lovely friend, called Cath. Cath has a lovely boyfriend, called Chris (otherwise known as Mandy). Today, Chris begins the epic journey on bike from John O’ Groats to Lands End. This is 950 miles and he is aiming to complete this in 8 days. In THIS weather (for those of you not from the UK, we have had blizzards, floods and extreme snow).

Chris is raising money for a charity called STARS, who offer support and information on Syncopes and Reflex Anoxic Seizures. Cath was diagnosed with an automatic dysfunction 3 years ago, which led to a massive change in her lifestyle.

I first met Cath at Lewisham Bowl a few years back. She had recently joined the same league as me, after moving from Yorkshire. We said “hello” but that was more or less it. Then one day, my ex-boyfriend broke things up with me and I was standing in a corner, sniffling away. “Are you alright?” asked Cath. “My boyfriend dumped me,” sniffled I. Cath looked momentarily concerned. “Do you want a hug?” “Yes please,” I whimpered.

I left the bowl with a lovely new friend.

Cath has been incredibly inspirational throughout her illness and hasn’t let it drag her down, despite the changes in her life. She remains happy and positive and is always more concerned about others. STARS have offered help and support to Cath and Chris has decided to give something back, hence the decision to make this cycle ride. He has been incredibly dedicated throughout training and I know he will do it.

If you want to sponsor Chris, please visit his page at

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