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I went out for Janathon Day 2 yesterday as is the rules, and in indulged in a fairly lazy and boring 1.2 mile run. I counted 8 pairs of Ugg boots on my run. I then arrived back to a messy house – the after effect of having some friends over on New Year’s Eve and it made me long for a cleaner.

Yes, a cleaner. I was very lucky and recently had the opportunity to receive a free house clean from Cleaning Gift Vouchers. Being a busy person who detests cleaning, I jumped at the chance to have a nice house for Christmas, without the effort.

So how does it work? Well, it’s a pretty simple idea. You buy a gift voucher for a friend and they redeem it against a domestic or corporate clean. Nice idea, huh? It’s a bit different and everyone appreciates a day off from chores. Buying the voucher is straightforward enough, although I personally found it a bit slow that I didn’t actually receive details of the voucher for a few days. Perhaps this is something that could be ironed out?

Booking can be done via email or by phone and communication is good. My booking had to be revised slightly and the girl who phoned me was extremely friendly and apologetic for what wasn’t really a problem. The website is slightly clunky and it would be a nice touch if booking could be made online as opposed to email, but that’s just me being fussy.

Now, onto the important bit – the clean! Our cleaner was lovely; very sweet and friendly. She was extremely efficient and achieved a lot in the 3.5 hours we had her for, giving our bathroom and kitchen a proper deep clean, cleaning our oven and vacuuming and dusting the whole flat. The vouchers are £54 for a 3 hour clean which is above the going rate for an hourly cleaner, however the quality was excellent and it should be remembered that one-off cleans are always more pricey anyway. And again, as a gift option, it’s not a bad price and the recipient will be grateful.

Would I recommend? As a one-off or a present to somebody – absolutely.

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