Competition Time – Win a 3 Month Supply of Contact Lenses

I haven’t had a giveaway here for a little while, so I’m pleased to say that the lovely people at Lens Store have partnered up to offer one lucky reader of HelsBels a FREE 3 month supply of contact lenses!

As we move into half-marathon season, this is a particularly fantastic prize for those runners amongst us who wear contacts for running, or perhaps for those bespectacled runners who get annoyed with glasses slipping off their noses, but haven’t yet wanted to commit to buying a supply. Well, with enough contact lenses supplied to get you through training to race day, this is the perfect opportunity to stock up, for free!

To be in with a chance of winning, simply leave a comment telling me why you should win before the closing date. One lucky winner will then be selected by random number generator.

Good luck!

Terms & Conditions

  • The lucky winner must already have a contact lens prescription
  • UK entrants only
  • The prize is for lenses for visual correct only. Therefore, coloured lenses may not be ordered. Tiger eyes will have to wait for another day
  • The winner will be provided with a code for a 3 month supply of contact lenses, valid until November 2013, to be redeemed at Lens Store
  • Winner will be selected using a random number generator
  • Closing date midnight 13th September 2013.

Contact Lenses Online UK

7 thoughts on “Competition Time – Win a 3 Month Supply of Contact Lenses

  1. Running in glasses is just too sweaty! I tried to pop my lenses in this morning and had that momentary pepper-in-eye feeling as I realised it’s time for a new pair…hmmmm.

  2. I’d love to win these! I recently switched to more expensive lenses as they’re more comfortable when I’m wearing them for long hours at the gym and out running, but the cost really mounts up! I’d like to win so I have some money to enter races instead of spending it on lenses!!

  3. Does this just have to be a running based plea? If not then…
    I would like these because at the moment I have to be cunningly frugal when I go swimming. I do so late at night and don’t like to waste a whole day’s worth of contact lens by wearing them for a swim only to take then out a couple of hours later. I have therefore taken to only wearing ONE contact lens, thus allowing me to NOT walk into the women’s changing rooms accidentally and only hit the people on one side as I swim past them.

    Winning these lenses would mean I could wear BOTH lenses so less chance of physical injury being sustained by the people on the other side too. Well… for 3 months… but potentially still a massive help to an already over stretched NHS, don’t you think?

  4. I have to wear contacts when I swim or I can’t read the clock nor more importantly the numbers on my combination padlock! I know I’m supposed to chuck out the pair I’ve swum in, but it’s such a waste! That’s why I’d like to win 3 months supply.

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