Competition Time – Win Touch Screen Gloves from eGlove

I’m a big fan of eGlove. They’re a great company, they have a great product and all in all, they’re just, well great. I reviewed a pair of egloves a few years ago, and I still use them to this day. Simply put, they are a windproof, lightweight pair of gloves which have been designed to use with touch screen devices. Which is just brilliant if you’re out for a run and you’re using an app such as Runkeeper and don’t want to lose precious seconds pulling gloves on and off trying to stop the clock. They’re also really warm, which is great on a cold day. And if they couldn’t get any better, mine are pink:




I’ve been chatting to them a lot recently and lucky for you guys, they’ve agreed to a competition especially for HelsBels readers! Hooray! And in case running isn’t your thing, they now do them for cycling, equestrian and snow sports as well. Or you could just wear them on a cold day when you can’t stand to be away from your phone at the bus stop.



eGlove have agreed that one lucky winner can choose a product from their £30 and under range. I personally recommend the running gloves, but obviously it’s up to you. To be in with a touch of winning, simply reply to this blog post telling me why you should win and I’ll choose one lucky winner at random after the closing date. Simple, eh?

Terms & Conditions

  • Closing date 11.59pm, 6 March 2016
  • UK Entrants only
  • Winner will be selected at random
  • Please allow up to 14 days for delivery

Good luck!

12 thoughts on “Competition Time – Win Touch Screen Gloves from eGlove

  1. I spend several hours outside coaching people in running fitness every week and an getting involved with pacing too. I like to be able to take photos and videos of the events I pace and my classes, or simply to be able to use some of the in-built timers on my phone, so these would be a godsend in this colder weather!

  2. The gloves look great. I would love to win a pair as I am out training a lot and I live “oop North” where it’s really cold! I am trying to take more photos for my blog so they would be really useful.

  3. I carried my last pair of running gloves in my pocket round the whole London marathon, I didn’t wear them once. I then accidentally left them in the portaloo after the race. I now have cold hands.

  4. If you’re going to choose a random comment then… sausages and I think I have not been rejected by the time we’d like to come to the Norfolk admirals club and then sausages and I’ll confirm that the next couple of cancellations of course it’s bear.

    I think I’ve got it in the bag ;-)

  5. These gloves look fab! I’d love to win as my hands always get numb on early morning runs but usually go without as I’m a sucker for taking pictures whilst out and about but can’t wear gloves and use my phone at the same time! This would take away this unnecessary fussing about and allow me to keep my hands nice and toasty! :D

  6. I would love a pair to keep my hands warm while cycling! And then I can easily check Google Maps on my phone when I inevitably get lost… xxx

  7. I only just picked up running trying to get fit for a hell & back race and even a 30 minute run in the freezing cold would be so much easier with lovely gloves :)

  8. Running gloves for free
    It’s competition time for me
    So a pound value of thirty
    Recommended item starting with E
    Warmth and comfort are high on the agenda
    When you work outside whatever your gender
    I coach and play sport outdoors in the cold
    Using an iphone without gloves is quite bold.
    But gloves with technology that makes it easy
    Well easy peasy lemon squeezy
    I’m well up for that together with a warm hat .
    I’ll promote them as well along with Helsbels
    You know it makes sense to let me win hence, I’ll just say Thank you now and take a small bow
    And leave it up to you to make your decision
    If it’s not me I’ll make a provision to by my own gloves and do it with love

  9. Id like to win them for my mum.
    When she has the grandchildren for days out she likes to use her tablet and take pics but iv seen her struggle with the cold on her hands while trying to grip to swipe screens and use the device. They look quite glam as well so would suit her to a tee

  10. Thanks for sharing this information about the eglove. I have previous experience in making such gloves and I am also using them. Right now my pair is old and I am also buying a new Samsung Galaxy next month so I will be looking for a new pair too. :)

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