Cooking with Quorn – Sweet & Creamy Vegetarian Meatballs Recipe

I may not be vegetarian, but that doesn’t mean I have to eat meat all the time. So when Quorn gave me the opportunity to review some of their products, I of course said “yum, yes please”.  According to their website, Quorn products such as mince and meat free chicken pieces are “a healthy protein source because they are high in protein, low in saturated fat, and a source of fibre and can help you maintain normal bones and muscle mass – hugely important if you lead an active lifestyle.”

I was sent some mince, meat free sausages, meat free chicken pieces and some meat free Swedish meatballs to try. I intended to cook with them before now but then I had a baby instead. Then I had to go back to hospital. Finally tonight I managed to do some cooking and I decided to try out the meatballs.

I surfed the internet as I had originally intended to try to recreate Ikea style meatballs, but various internet surfing revealed me to lack the ingredients necessary. Undeterred, I decided to make something up as I went along. Apologies, but I don’t tend to do measuring…

Ingredients (makes 1)

Half a leek

Double cream



Italian seasoning

Olive oil

Black pepper

6 Quorn Meat Free Swedish Meatballs

Pasta (I used tagliatelle)



Add some olive oil to your pan and chop up the leek. Cook with the garlic until soft.


Add a teaspoon of honey and then add the meatballs and gently brown off.


Pour some double cream into the pan. I used about 75ml as I’m decadent. Season with black pepper and Italian seasoning and leave to simmer for 10 minutes or so whilst you boil your pasta. The sauce will thicken.


And serve!

This dish was lovely, rich and creamy with a slightly sweet flavour thanks to the honey. You could perhaps use creme fraiche to reduce the calorie content of the sauce, or simply reduce the quantity of cream. I’d certainly make this again; it might be a good meal to have the night before a big race as carb loading.

Quorn is available at most major supermarkets and if you fancy a meat-free meal, I certainly recommend the meatballs as a protein rich, low calorie alternative to mince. They are tasty and surprisingly moist, making a great alternative.

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