How to cope during an exercise lay off

I’m starting to go a bit mad at the moment as I’m not allowed to do much in the way of exercise. I have itchy feet from wanting to run and I want to get some exercise. I also find that running is a good way to relieve stress, so I’m finding sitting around doing nothing really hard. I decided to ask some of my fellow fitness bloggers what they do when they aren’t allowed to work out.



Simply going for a walk was the most popular option. The health benefits of going for a walk are well documented and Bethan and Geraldine both pointed out that the simple act of just being outside can help with improving moods, even if you only have the energy to go for a short walk. Fresh air can work wonders to clear the cobwebs, even if you can’t go for a run!


I find running is relaxing and perfect for working anger and frustration out of my system. Unfortunately for me, I’m not allowed to run for another few weeks. Laura said that when she wasn’t allowed to exercise for a while, she found that colouring in was a great way to unwind. I do have a couple of colouring books at home, so I think I’ll be digging these out and giving it a go. Haydy meditated through an app on her phone when she was suffering from bronchitis. Running is her outlet for letting go of stress, so she found this as an alternative. Playing and learning an instrument is also relaxing and Emma attests to this, working her way through challenging violin pieces when she can’t run.


Warrior Pose
Yoga is a great way to relax on the injury bench



Becs had some time out a while back. She recommends watching YouTube and doing the exercises sitting down and working with weights. She says it may not be perfect, but it helped to keep her on the straight and narrow. Mara and Lindsay both suggest adapting your day-to-day routine to fit in exercise, such as squatting when doing housework, lifting mattresses when changing the bed, etc. This isn’t for me as I’m not able to do anything that causes my rib further pain, but for those not allowed to run due to injury, this could be a great way of keeping up the fitness!


Tess had an accident a while back which led to her having time out. She kept herself motivated by planning cycling trips and booking into races for when she was recovered. Stephen added to this by saying that he shops. This is one of my therapies of choice – when I was pregnant and on crutches, I bought some new leggings and a Garmin for when I was allowed to run again!


What are your top ways of coping when you aren’t allowed to work out?



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