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Do you work out every day? I’ve got to be honest and say that I don’t. I don’t go for a run every day. I don’t go and do a fitness class every day. Part of the reason for this is that I’m busy and if I’m honest, I often make excuses.

Yes, I know, it’s the old excuse. We all say we’re too busy to get some exercise. Most of the time when I claim that, I’m actually just messing around on Facebook. But that counts as an essential bit of the daily routine, right?!

We all know that exercise is important. It’s good for the body and it’s good for the mind. Curves know all too well what a positive impact a 30 minutes of exercise each day has on your health and have developed a 30 minute full body workout especially for women.

Of course, it’s not always possible or convenient to get to a class, or like me, you may just be insanely busy. Here are some simple things that you can do each day to keep fit on the days you can’t make it out to a class.


Stretch in the morning

Stretch as soon as you get up in the morning. It feels great – I love my morning stretch! It gets blood moving throughout your body, which helps to rejuvenate you so you’ve got energy to take on the day.

Go for a walk

Are you like me and spend too much time typing out 140 characters on Twitter, or chatting to people on Facebook? Put the phone down and go for a walk instead. Take 15 minutes during your lunch break to go for a walk, go out in the evening, or get off the bus early and walk an extra stop home. There are 24 hours in a day – you can easily find time to walk. You can even combine it with supermarket shopping if you’re really pressed for time – carrying those shopping bags home makes it even more of a workout.

Daytime stretching

Are you at the computer all day? I am. Are you as guilty as me of not taking a break? Yes, thought so. Set an alarm to give yourself a couple of minutes break each hour to stand up and do some neck rolls. Then spend a few minutes stretching in the afternoon. It’s great for your body as it can lead to better posture and reduce general aches and pains, whilst working your muscles.

Take the stairs

I live in a block of flats and it doesn’t have a lift. I’m also on the top floor – all that stair climbing means I get a great cardio workout because I get it every day when I come home from leaving the flat. Occasionally I’ll run up and down the top flight a few times to loosen my legs and get my heart pumping in the evening. It’s free and it’s great exercise!

Active commute

I try to turn my commute into a way of exercising. I can either take two buses to my office, or I can walk a mile and a bit to the train station and jump on a train for two stops. Doing this twice a day there and back means I’ve clocked up nearly 2.5 miles in walking. And now it’s light in the evenings, I can even start running it. Why not try walking, running or cycling some of your commute?


I’m lucky in that I also have a very active toddler who is constantly demanding “Mummy, take me to the woods” or “Want to see ducks!” Running around after her is definitely helping me start to shed some of the stubborn baby weight – she’s so active. This combined with my tips outlined above have definitely helped to make me feel stronger again – I may not have specifically trained for a few races earlier this year, such as the 10k I completed in January, but my base fitness helped me to get round in a much better than expected time.




It can be really difficult to stay active, but I believe that these are small changes we can all adopt on some level to try and live a healthy lifestyle. By really making an effort to move more, it does become second nature. Curves currently have a fantastic special offer (ends May 30th 2016) designed to help and motivate women to become healthier and stronger. You can have a chat with a Curves Coach who will give you a tour and work with you to set some individual goals, try a workout, get some information on the best membership for you, and get 30 days free membership when you sign up for a year.

Curves want you to feel strong and improve your lifestyle and will support you to reach your fitness goals.

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