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Although most of my activity centres around running and bowling, I know that many of my readers also cycle. I’d like to cycle myself and did own a bike a few years back and I did ride it on the road a few times. Then I moved flat and being in London, I still haven’t yet got back on the bike. However, I am only too aware of how important it is to dress for the elements and even more importantly, keep safe – I even arranged a Cycle Safety Workshop last summer with the CTC for the UK Fitness Bloggers, who shared some great advice, such as being assertive and making sure that you get yourself seen.

Halfords have put together this great Cycling Essentials guide, which gives you advice on the essentials you need for cycling year round. From dressing for the elements, safety advice, nutrition, gadgets, and shoe advice, this is really useful. On the rare occasion I do cycle, I usually just wear trainer and find my feet slipping off the pedals sometimes, so if and when I get into it properly, I’ve been informed that clipping in gives greater control.


Halfords Cycling Essentials


The full Halfords Cycling Essentials Guide can be viewed here.

Have you got any essential must haves when cycling? Any tips for the novice to stop being so scared?

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