Danone Danio High Protein Strained Yogurt Review – New Flavours

A while ago, I reviewed some Danone Danio Yogurts and they were rather delicious. So when I was contacted and asked if I wanted to try the new flavours, of course I said “yay, yummy, yes please”. I eat a lot of yogurt with granola for breakfast, so I was pleased to try the new flavours.

Danio Yogurt
In the absence of plain, I bought blueberry.

Previously available in blueberry, raspberry, peach, passionfruit, strawberry and cherry, Danio have now added mango, honey and plain to the range. After a bit of a hunt where I FINALLY managed to find the new flavours in the Sainsbury in Enfield (I live in Sidcup and I wasn’t expecting a scavenger hunt), I stocked up. Unfortunately, plain wasn’t available at the time.

Here is what the website has to say:

Danio is a super thick, super tasty yogurt over a layer of delicious fruit on the bottom.
The secret behind danio’s super thickness is that it’s made to Danone‚Äôs strained yogurt recipe which uses more milk than standard yogurts to make it amazingly thick and high in protein.

The website doesn’t lie, these yogurts really are thick. I opted for the mango flavour and as I don’t really like honey, my fiance tried

Mango Danio Yogurt
Mixed up mango yogurt

that one. The mango was delicious; I would have liked a thicker layer of mango at the bottom, but it was very refreshing and I’ll be buying this one again. My fiance commented that despite not really being a fan of honey either, it was a nice yogurt and that whilst he wouldn’t necessarily buy it again, he would still eat it if offered to him. He did comment that he felt the packaging was slightly misleading as we both expected a clear honey, instead it was opaque, but this could have been to do with it being chilled. I am not a honey expert.

When I finally manage to track down the plain flavour, I intend to try it for cooking. I love the thickness of these yogurts and really want to try using them to make a thick yogurt curry sauce for chicken. The fruit ones are lovely and make a filling snack and thanks to the high protein, are a good choice of snack to eat after a run.

Danio Yogurts are available in most major supermarkets and despite my scavenger hunt, I’m sure it was just bad luck that my local ones didn’t have any.

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