Dear Arseholes…a letter to fat-shaming individuals

Excuse the language. Today I was insulted as a fat runner. Again. Twice. By people driving by the Sidcup 10 Mile. Here’s a letter to them.

Dear Arseholes,

Yeah, so I’m “fat” at the moment. I’m not obese, not that it would be any of your business if I was. But I’m carrying an extra stone that I’m trying to lose. Not that that’s any of your business either.

Arsehole 1, you yelled “run fat girl” to the cat calls and laughter of your equally charming friends as you drove by in your souped-up looking BMW. Do you think that’s funny? Well, clearly you do or you wouldn’t have done it. Obviously your one and only brain cell deals with insulting people and you lack the second one to tell you that it’s not a nice thing to do. I was 5 miles into a 10 mile race, having already run 2 miles to get there. Me being overweight is nothing to do with you. And has it not occured to you that an overweight individual probably already knows that they’re overweight without obnoxious dicks embarassing them like that? It’s not nice, it’s not clever, it doesn’t help anyone. It just makes you look like the big man to your equally horrible friends.

Arsehole 2, you leaned out of the car and yelled “woooo fatty” as I was approaching 8 miles. You didn’t have friends in the car to impress with your bratty behaviour. That makes you even worse.

Yelling insults at overweight people is horrible. Yelling insults at anyone isn’t nice. Yelling insults at people just because of their appearance is really cruel and says a lot more about you. Occur to you that the fat person going for a run is perhaps getting fit? That maybe they know and are trying to do something about it? OR, shock, horror, maybe they are happy with themselves?

I’m not going to blame either of you for ruining my race. I ruined my own race by letting you both bother me to the point of tears. I contemplated pulling out before I hit 6 miles. I didn’t. I pressed on. I finished. I missed my own target in spectacular style, but that’s my fault for being so upset and starting to walk and self pity myself. I didn’t need to do that.

I managed to give myself a talking to and get round.

Could you have got round? Do you know how much harder it is to finish when you’re heavier? I completed the race today 1.5 stone heavier and 22 minutes slower than last time I did the same route. And I found it much harder. Yet I’m out there, getting exercise, doing something. What were you doing other than driving round insulting people?

I hate my body right now. I hate being this heavy. I want my waist back. I pretend that I’m doing ok, that I’m happy. I’m not happy. And I’m working to get back to how I felt healthy and comfortable. People like you remind me of my bulk. I don’t want to be reminded. I’m not just bulk.

I’m a person.

And I’m a runner.

And I can do this.

You’re just twats.



11 thoughts on “Dear Arseholes…a letter to fat-shaming individuals

  1. Helen you are gorgeous.

    So what if you’re not the same size or shape you once were you get out there and do what you love. Yes the world is full of dicks, but remember there are also people who believe in you. It’s hard but don’t let them get you down.

  2. What utter knobs! Sorry to hear it threw you off your stride but well done for pushing onwards. People can be so hurtful and often it’s those that need to exercise themselves (or would never dream of bothering)

  3. What a bunch of morons! I certainly couldn’t run 10 miles – well done you for doing that and not giving up! You look fantastic – you’re doing bloody well and don’t let two unthinking, unintelligent imbeciles get you down!!! Big hugs!!! xxx

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