Disclaimer & Disclosure


I am not a health and fitness expert. The content and information shared on this website should not be taken as professional advice. Always consult a health professional before undertaking a new diet or fitness regime.



HelsBels is a personal blog and is written, edited and maintained by me. Unless otherwise specified, all posts are written by me. All opinions are my own.

I do accepted sponsored posts, guest posts, samples, event invites and advertising requests.

Sponsored Posts

On occasion, I am commissioned to write a post. Where this is the case, I shall state who the post is in collaboration with at the start of the article and the post shall be tagged “sponsored post” and I retain full editorial control over these posts.

Guest Posts

On occasion, I am paid to post an article. Where this is the case, the post shall start with a clear note as to who the post is in collaboration with. Posts will only be accepted if they are deemed a suitable fit for the website. The post shall also be tagged “sponsored post”.

Samples and Events

I often write about products that I have bought, however I am often approached to review products and attend events. Attendance at an event or acceptance of a product does not 100% guarantee a review, unless agreed on a case by case basis, however I endeavour to make every effort to publish a write up or feature on social media channels.

Where a review is written up, this will be my honest thoughts and opinions. I retain full editorial control and I will not remove a review for pasting a product or company in a negative light. However, I give companies the right to respond where a review is negative and I am happy to feature this in the review.

Advertising Requests

This website uses Google AdSense and Yahoo Ads, which generates an extremely small income. I also accept advertising requests and ads will be placed in the right hand side bar. Any ads within a blog post will be clearly defined.


These policies are valid as of 31st December 2015 and are subject to change without notice. Please note that older blog posts may not be disclosed in the same way, but it should still be obvious where a product has been sent for review.