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It’s been quiet around here; despite my ankle injury which is still preventing me from running, I have been insanely busy. Luckily Thursday will be the final frantic day in a frantic 6 weeks. I plan to spend Friday sleeping.

At the moment, I don’t want to say too much about what I have been doing, but needless to say it’s been a manic few weeks. I’m not sleeping enough. I’m not eating properly. I am so exhausted come the evenings, my brain has turned to mush. Last week my husband asked me a question and I just looked at him and said “I have literally no idea what you just said. I heard words, but what do they mean?”

Yes. Stress is real. And for that reason, despite the insanity, I have been trying to find even just twenty minutes each evening to take some downtime. And that downtime for me is reading. I don’t have to get dressed, I don’t have to prepare. The hardest bit is choosing which book.


the book blog


I love reading, I’ve always had several books on the go at once. Escaping into another world is the best way to check out of life for a while and experience something new and to forget everything else that is going on. I’ve also been fortunate enough to discover some fantastic new reads and after much musing, I have decided to set up a new blog, imaginatively titled The Book Blog to document my thoughts on literature, and also to simply relax.

Helsbels is going nowhere. I’ve got an ankle to heal and that fifth marathon to run. But for my musings on words and books, head on to The Book Blog.

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  1. Dean Johnson says:

    Love it. Yes, reading is great for downtime. There’s nothing like chilling with a good book in the evening.
    Thanks for sharing.

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