Easy Protein Pancakes Recipe

Protein Pancakes

I was recently sent some Raw Cacao Whey Protein from Motion Nutrition who specialise in organic whey protein.

Motion Nutrition Raw Caceo Whey Protein

While I don’t believe in protein powders for meal replacement purposes, I do sometimes add them to smoothies and recipes when I’m marathon training for an extra protein boost. I was asked if I’d like to come up with a breakfast recipe using the protein powder and I ended up using it in my tried and tested banana protein pancakes (video here). This powder worked beautifully as one of my favourite combinations is chocolate and banana, and this powder has a beautiful chocolate-y aroma! I especially enjoy these pancakes after a pre-breakfast run.



Easy Protein Pancakes

Ingredients (serves 2)

  • 2 x bananas
  • 2 x eggs
  • 2 x scoops protein powder


  • Cut bananas into slices and mash in a bowl.
  • Beat in eggs.
  • Add the protein powder and mix the batter until smooth. You may find it easier to use a blender.
  • Pour batter into a hot frying pan. Don’t forget to use coconut oil or butter to prevent sticking. Pancakes take a couple of minutes either side to cook and are ready when they’re firm.
  • Stack your pancakes and serve with your favourite toppings. I love blueberries and a hint of Nutella!


Protein Pancakes


These pancakes are also delicious with raspberries. Let me know if you decide to try them and your preferred toppings!

One thought on “Easy Protein Pancakes Recipe

  1. Having recently really got into properly working out, I am considering getting some protein powder just to top up the protein in my diet. I’m just like you in that I don’t agree with it being a replacement for real food. I absolutely love the idea of this recipe – I’ve been struggling with healthy breakfast ideas, and these pancakes would be perfect, especially as I tend to work out first thing in the morning! Delicious! Can’t wait to attempt them myself! :-) xxx

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