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There are some great energy bars and snacks available now. It used to be that you had to go to a specialist health food shop, but with brands such as Nakd, Eat Natural, and Graze all now readily available in several high street shops, there’s a fantastic choice available. However, if you eat them often, they can start to get expensive. By making your own, it’s much cheaper and you can control exactly what goes into them. There are some fantastic energy bar recipes available on the internet, such as Lesli’s granola bars, which are also gluten-free and suitable for vegans.

If you’re seeking some inspiration for recipes, Decathlon have put together a really handy Energy Bar Generator.


decathlon energy bar generator


As you can see, it’s pretty detailed and is designed to suggest a recipe according to your personal tastes, diet and fitness routine. Here are my answers below. I wanted to check “high intensity” but I suspect I’m a bit lazy and don’t always push myself as much as I should…


energy bar generator


After pressing the magic button, here is what Decathlon suggests I make:


energy bar generator


The method is also given and non-cooks will be pleased to know that it’s easy and doesn’t involve any cooking! I have had a play with the generator and it has a wide selections of recipes depending on sport, diet and intensity levels. I love fruit and chocolate, so any combination of these in an energy bar is a winner for me! I typically make my energy bars with cashew butter and dates, so I will be giving these a go, as something with a bit more “bite”. I think they would also be a great snack for after a race, or for an energy boost during a bowling tournament.

What are your favourite energy bar recipes? Do you buy them from the shops, or do you make your own?


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