Fitness Sports To Try In 2016

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Fitness doesn’t have to be boring. I’m a runner, but sometimes I think it would be fun to try some new forms of fitness. Last year, I went rock climbing, which was much more of a workout on the legs than I expected. I also tried burlexercise and stand-up paddle boarding, all of which were a lot of fun, but very tough! This year, I want to try some new sports out…


How cool does snowboarding look? I love the idea of soaring through the air, looking awesome on a snow board. Ok, so I know in reality, I’m not going to do that, I’ll get scared and end up with a face full of snow and plenty of bruises, but it looks awesome! Some of the other fitness bloggers and I are looking into seeing if we can arrange a group outing to a Snow Dome to try it out. It’s supposed to be a great cardio workout and it requires good balance, which develops core strength – improving my balance and core strength is also sure to help with my bowling and running. Plus, working out in the snow justifies a Baileys Hot Chocolate afterwards, right?


My sister had a skateboard when we were little, but I never tried it out. However, I’ve been inspired by Tess at FitBits and now I want to try it out, albeit it not in baggy skater boy trousers, nor do I want to hear that god awful Sk8ter Boi song ever again. Health benefits include a full body workout and improved coordination. Again, coordination is something that’s important to me when bowling, so this could be really beneficial. And despite the cardio benefits and calories that you can burn, it looks a lot of fun – there’s a reason why so many people skate all day! Skateboards are cheap and parks are free, so why not give it a try for something different this summer?


Actually, this isn’t entirely new for me. I used to LOVE rollerblading when I was younger and could do it all day. I actually found blades easier than skates and found that my balance really improved. Blading is a great cardio workout and it’s also awesome for the legs. I keep aimlessly muttering that I want to get another pair and start again, to strengthen my legs. Despite being a good workout, it’s also low impact so maybe I should bite the bullet and think about it as a way of cross training to go with running. Although I think I’d be a bit too scared to go whizzing downhills this time. Funny what getting older does to you.

Rock Climbing

I already touched on this – but if you haven’t been before, go! I did it a couple of times on adventure trips at school and it was great fun, but hadn’t tried it since. I went rock climbing last October and it was much harder this time. I got sweaty, I got breathless, it hurt, it was awesome and now I want to go again! The next day, my legs and my abs ached like they’d had an amazing workout – and that was because they had. I never appreciated just how important leg strength is, or how your core needs to be engaged. You also get great views and it’s exhilarating climbing on something that nature has created.




What sports do you want to try out?

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