How to get the most from your sports bra

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The right sports bra is absolutely essential for exercise. A badly fitting bra, the wrong style of bra, or even a worn out bra can lead to pain and irreversible damage. It’s not enough to make sure you’ve got the right style and the right fit. It’s also crucial to look after it. If you’re sitting there thinking “errrr, it’s a sports bra, not a pet dog,” you’ve come to the right place.


Rotate your bras

Have you got a sports bra you love? Brilliant. Now go and get at least one other. Rotate them so you get the most use out of your bras – one to wear while the other is washing and drying.


Take it off

Done with your workout? Now take off your bra. Don’t be tempted to keep it on for a few hours. It becomes a breeding ground for bacteria which can break down the fabrics. Sports bras are designed to be worn for sport, so don’t wear them longer than you need to, thus increasing the wear.


Wash your bra properly

Hand washing a sports bra is better because it’s more gentle on technical fabrics. If you’re like me and want to use the machine, then make sure it is fastened and pop into a laundry bag, before washing on a delicate setting. Don’t use fabric softener as this can damage the fabric. Depending on how intense your workout is, you should wash your sports bras every 1-2 wears. Sweat and deodorant aren’t good for technical wear!


No spinning

Don’t be tempted to put your sports bra in the tumble dryer. The heat speeds up the process in which technical fabric breaks down. It can also stretch it out, which means the bra won’t fit as well and in turn, won’t support you. This advice applies to ALL bras.

If you take one thing from this blog post, DO NOT TUMBLE DRY A BRA. If you do, a unicorn will die and gremlins will rule the planet.

Instead, drap your bra over a drying rack or surface where it can breathe and let it dry. Don’t hang by the straps while wet as this will stretch the bra.


Get fitted

Check your fit every six months. Bodies can change and it’s a good idea to regularly check your fit to make sure you’re wearing the right size.


Bin the bra

Know when to say goodbye to a bra. If it’s starting to rub, bin it. If your shoulders are starting to hurt, bin it. If you’re using the tightest fastening and experiencing bounce, bin it. When buying a sports bra (or any bra), ideally you want to be using the loosest fastenings. This means that as the bra starts to give, you can tighten it up. When you can’t go tighter and the support is gone, bin it.


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6 thoughts on “How to get the most from your sports bra

  1. I can’t imagine not washing a sports bra after each wear! I don’t have a tumble dryer so at least I can’t do that, although I just do them in the normal wash. I might start doing them up though as they do often catch on things.

  2. I’ve been struggling for quite some time now with keeping my sports bras “alive”. They always seem to get worn down quickly. Your article gave me a full picture of what I might be doing wrong with them. I identified that my biggest mistake was cleaning them in a thumble dryer. Thank you for explaining what that’s a bad idea – you did it in the funniest way possible haha!!

    1. Thanks for reading! I am currently reading my way through your blog – high five sister, I too also feel the pain of the mis-sized bra! There’s a WHOLE WORLD beyond 36C out there!

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