Gladiators – READY! Win a place in the Gladiator Games!

Hooray! I am really excited as a couple of weeks ago I was idly muttering that taking part in a obstacle course might be good fun. It was a happy coincidence that The Gladiator Games got in touch.


Taking place at the Woodhall Estate in Hertfordshire on September 13th, this event is the first ever interactive obstacle course in the UK. With a choice of a 5k or 10k route, competitors must pass through a series of zones, manned by gladiators (da da dum!). Yes, that was an attempt at the tune from the old ITV show. And fans of the show will be pleased to note that in amongst the ball pools and foam zones, there is also the Gauntlet and…

The Travelator!

One of my lifelong ambitions has been to run the Travelator so I will finally get to fulfill it, hooray! Unfortunately, there is also a paintball zone, which in my excitement I missed. Bah. I hate paintballing.

Competitors take part in 20 different obstacles when running the 5k route, and those undertaking the 10k challenge will first run a trail 5k, before approaching the obstacle course. It promises to be a lot of good fun and I can’t wait to take part, as long as the dreaded Wolf-man stays well away.

As I am running a 10k the following the day, I have opted to take part in the 5k. The organisers of the event have also been nice enough to allow me a second spot for a competition winner, who may take part in their choice of 5k or 10k. To enter, simply answer the following question and a winner will be picked at random:

Which of these was not an obstacle of the Eliminator on Gladiators?

A) Balance Beam

B) The Gauntlet

C) Cargo Net

Simply choose your answer and leave in the comments below.

One lucky winner will be selected by the trusty random number generator after the closing date of midnight, July 13th 2014. Only one entry per person. Please make sure that you are able to travel to the race location on the day. No cash alternatives. Please don’t forget to leave a valid email address!

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