Health Benefits Of Scuba Diving

scuba diving

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Despite not being a particularly strong swimmer, I am a fan of water sports. I’ve got great memories of snorkelling in the Cayman Islands. I had a brilliant time learning to platform dive last year. And I really enjoy kayaking. One sport I would like to try is scuba diving. It appeals due to the mystery of the underwater world and where snorkelling gave me a preview, scuba diving would allow me more than just a peek. This is a sport that I hope to try out one day; I’m a big fan of active travel and the health benefits of scuba diving are numerous.


scuba diving


Physical fitness

Swimming is great for your physical fitness as it provides a cardiovascular and muscular workout. Water offers a natural resistance and helps muscle to build endurance. Even out of the water, scuba diving offers fitness benefits as divers have to support the weight of their equipment such as masks and gas cylinders as they move across land (plus walking in wetsuits is always more of a workout!)

Stress Relief

One of the reasons I like water sports is the fact that water is so relaxing. I enjoyed snorkelling as it is an excuse to check out from the daily grind and instead enjoy the view underwater. Scuba diving offers more of the same as instead of thinking about day-to-day problems, divers are instead focused on what’s underwater and exploring the marine world. Not only that, breathing slowly and deeply during a dive is similar to breathing during meditation, which helps the mind and body to naturally relax.


Leading on from the above, as well as helping divers relax, slow and deep breathing is necessary for conserving and optimizing air consumption. Steady breathing  reduces the risk of a lung-expansion injury. It also reduces mucus build up and can even help with existing health conditions such as asthma.


scuba diving


As well as the above, many people go on holiday abroad to try out scuba diving. If the prospect of a trip to a warmer climate isn’t a great benefit, than I don’t know what is! Hopefully one day I will be in a position where I can try this out for myself. In the meanwhile, I will continue to enjoy snorkelling where I can.

Have you ever tried scuba diving? Would you recommend it?

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