Healthy Summer Salads

I really enjoy salads, especially during the hot summers when you just want something quick and easy. They are also a great lunch if you have a run planned for later in the day as they don’t tend to “sit” like heavier foods can. Sadly, a lot of people wrongly think that salad is just a side garnish limp lettuce and a tired tomato, aka “rabbit food”. I enjoy them because you can be really creative and anything goes. And with bags of mixed leaves by the likes of Florette being readily available, there really isn’t any excuse for saying you don’t have time to prepare one. When I was in Cornwall this week, we went for lunch at a lovely deli and enjoyed crab sandwiches, which came with a salad side of chargrilled vegetables, lentils and herby tomatoes. Yum:


Crab sandwich and salad
Ignore the not so healthy beer and crisps

Just goes to show that even salad garnish doesn’t need to be boring.

I’m a big fan of mixing tuna with lettuce leaves, cucumber, tomatoes, radishes and artichokes, perhaps with the addition of black olives. Maybe not a traditional combination, but it’s one of my summer “go to” lunches and I love it. You can also check out Florette salad recipes for some fantastic ideas, including how to use up leftovers in a salad. And how delicious does mackerel and quinoa sound? I know what I’m having for my lunch tomorrow!

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