Helly Hansen Winter Duel

Helly Hansen Winter Duel

I was contacted a couple of weeks ago about Helly Hansen‘s Winter Duel. Simply put, this is a downloadable app for your mobile phone and it allows you to challenge strangers, Facebook friends and Olympic Athletes to a duel where the winner at the end of the 5 weeks is the person who racks up the most mileage.  You can find more information here.

The app is pretty cool as you can easily challenge friends or use the app to be matched to a stranger of equal ability. When you’re ready to run, just press the button and run. But make sure you’ve got GPS turned on or you’ll run a 5k parkrun, feel really smug about taking the lead and then realise it doesn’t count because you forgot to activate GPS, DAMNIT.

This week has been slightly better as illustrated above, although it’s really time I start upping the distances for marathon training now. Having a visual on my phone has rammed that point home a bit.

The app is free to download and with the new year beginning, I reckon it’s good motivation to get out and moving. Duel, anyone? I’ll be reporting on my progress.*

*Thinly veiled bragging if I win, silence if I lose.

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