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We all need a little bit of help every now and again with our health and looking after ourselves, and with all the apps now available on the internet and for our mobile phones, it’s never been easier to find some great advice and means of tracking your health. Bupa have just created their own fantastic range of apps, tools and devices and now the UK’s leading health specialists can help you to find healthy.

There are a huge range of tools on the website, such as a cost of smoking calculator, BMI calculator, advice on beating stress, and sensible drinking. But the tools aren’t just about the common problems we all face in our day to day lives, they also have have tools so that we can assess our own risk of cancer, exercises for older people, and advice on running. Thanks to Bupa, all of this information is available free of charge and at the click of a button.

One of the first tools I decided to try out was the Health Age Calculator. I’m a bit chubbier than I’d like to be at the moment (I’m a 12/14 with lumpy thighs and an untoned belly), but other than that, consider myself to be reasonably fit. The calculator asks lots of questions including whether you have a life partner or not, which prompted me asking my boyfriend if he was a life partner or not. Apparently he is. The calculator is really compelling as it has a little graph with an arrow that moves as you move through the questions to indicate whether you are young or old for your age. I then decided that this calculator was my new best friend as it told me that my health age is 21. I’m 26 so this pleases me. It then told me I need to exercise five times a week, lose weight (I know that) and eat a better diet. I told it to sod off as I told it I ate a good diet, but on the whole, I’m pleased and it’s a useful little tool and I have now ever-so-slightly forgiven the 12 year boy (he may not have actually been 12) who refused to sell me a bottle of wine for being too young until I lectured him about back in the day, but I digress. I’d recommend giving this one a go; it only takes a couple of minutes and the results are interesting.

Health Age Calculator


I then decided to read the advice on a good running technique. I’m a runner with a terrible technique, so I thought that this would be particularly interesting. It’s not a long article and I skimmed it in a couple of minutes. The advice is spot on and simple to understand, but you may find it more useful to try to find a video of a runner with good technique. I’m good at reading and knowing what I should do, but I find it much easier to copy when I see someone else.


Finally, fans of calories trackers may like the calorie calculator. I have one on my phone and I find it a bit of a faff to mess around with when I just want a quick answer. This calculator is really easy to use; you put in your weight and your exercise and it tells you what you have burnt off, what it is the equivalent of, and some general encouragement. I now know that if I run for 30 minutes at 10 min/mile pace, I will burn off 360 calories, or a small cheeseburger. I don’t eat many burgers, but it’s a good guide as to how much is burnt. The nice thing about this calculator is that it does consider your weight and therefore is more accurate than some of the ones deciding that 1 mile = 100 calories, regardless of pace and weight.

I’ve actually bookmarked this page as there is so much useful information there. Once I’m fully fit, I look forward to downloading some of running applications – why not go and give them a go?

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Bupa: Helping You Find Healthy

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  1. I’m only 1 year older than my actual age which I thought was quite good since I’m a bit of a fatty! :)

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