How Not to be a Fitness Blogger

In recent times, I have been a terrible blogger. This is mostly for the following reasons:

  • I haven’t been blogging much. About anything.
  • I failed epically at Janathon.
  • I haven’t been exercising much.
  • I have been drinking a bit too much.
  • I have been working ridiculous seven day weeks.

These reasons may or may not also be the reason why I’m weighing about 10lb more than I should be at the moment. That and the fact that I just ate a Chocolate Fudge Kit Kat Chunky. Not as good as Peanut Butter, but delicious anyway.

However, this needs to change so that I can feel healthier and in turn, good about myself again. I’ve just taken an office in Camden and I overlook the canal, which is perfect for running, so there is really no excuse for not lacing up for a 20 minute job at lunchtimes now.┬áThe lovely people at the Edinburgh Half Marathon have also given me a free entry to their quite excellent sounding race, so this is a good motivation to sort myself out.

Even if I do run a personal worst.

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