I’m running (another) marathon

Trail running

The thing is, I just need to decide which one.

I want to run another marathon. I want to get under 5 hours. I was hoping for a London place, but that didn’t happen. So I’m now overdosing on race reports and trying to decide which to do.


London Marathon 2015 memories


At the moment, I’ve narrowed it down to the following:


Belfast Marathon

I love Belfast. I lived there for 3 years and it’s a brilliant city. I wasn’t a runner when I lived there, so the idea of running the city appeals. It would also be a good opportunity to see friends and gorge myself on Veda bread and cheese & onion Tayto. True Norn Iron delicacies that remain stubbornly difficult to get here.

I have read that the route isn’t fantastic and that the changeover points during the relay cause a lot of congestion on the course, but I do question how much of a problem that would be for a 5 hour finisher.

Manchester Marathon

Okay, so the route measured 380m short 3 years in a row, but this doesn’t bother me. By all accounts, this is a very popular and well organised marathon. Manchester is also a great city and the fact that it is described as fast and flat definitely appeals to me. The fact it keeps winning Gold for best marathon in The Running Awards also says a lot.

Boston (UK) Marathon

It would be nice to say that I’ve done the Boston Marathon. The reality would be that I will have hopefully just about completed it as the runners in the USA Boston Marathon are getting started. I’m very unlikely to ever run a Boston Qualifying Time, so there is something appealing about being able to claim that I’ve run Boston, even if it is the UK one. Pros of this are that it’s fairly close to home and it looks flat.


So, this is my shortlist. There are pros to running all of them and my heart is leaning toward a city marathon because of the crowd support. That said, I haven’t ruled out perhaps doing a European one as having something booked will make sure that I don’t slack off training.

I want to decide by the weekend so that I have my goal race planned. I’m nursing a cold at the moment, so looking for a race is a good way to keep me distracted from that.

Have you done any of the races on the list? I’d love to hear your recommendations!


Brighton Marathon 2011

5 thoughts on “I’m running (another) marathon

  1. I’m thinking about the Boston UK marathon – nice and flat and I think it would be good for a speedy time! I’ll be interested in seeing what you decide!!!

  2. That’s exciting news! Boston sounds like a good idea :)
    I’ve only run two- Stockholm and Brighton- I needed them in the school holidays as I didn’t want to travel home the same day as running one, so it limited my choices somewhat.

  3. Oooh Belfast will be great! I did the Cardiff Half and loved it – I went to uni there and never ran when I was at university so the experience was mad. But any of them sound good (tho I do love marathons so…).

  4. I didn’t realise there was a Boston Marathon. I’ll have to check this one out as it would be commutable from me too.
    My goal marathon for next Spring is Milton Keynes. Fourth time lucky for me hopefully!

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