It’s a positive body image day

Sometimes it seems like we’re not allowed to say we like our bodies. I recently blogged about the secret fear of a fitness blogger. Those fears are still rife.

It’s also no secret that I often have problems with body image. But this week, I had a breakthrough.

I went to stand-up paddle boarding yoga on Tuesday. Yes, I was rubbish, but that isn’t what this post is about. I was handed a wetsuit and skulked off to the changing room to wriggle into it. As I changed into my bikini (couldn’t find swimsuit) to wear underneath, I got a flash of my reflection in the mirror. And you know what? For the first time in a good few years, I actually liked what I saw.

Ok, I’m not wild about my thighs. They are large and touch and I’m prone to the dreaded chub-rub. Yes, I have that C-section pouch and a few stretch marks from pregnancy. My tummy is a little soft. But I looked in the mirror and thought “hey, I don’t look awful. My legs are strong. My waist is smaller than it was. I kind of like how I look!”

Now of course, you may be thinking as a fitness blogger, I should be aspiring towards being a hardbody and obviously there is nothing wrong with this – I think it’s awesome that people have the dedication to hone their bodies and build their strength. But I’ve got no desire to get a six pack, I hate things like yoga, lifting stuff bores me senseless. I just want to be healthy, enjoy moving and sometimes eat a bit of what I fancy. And part of being healthy is feeling positive – I felt positive. My body isn’t so awful. It carried a baby and got me round two marathons. So why be ashamed of it?


Out for lunch yesterday


So what’s the point of this post? I guess to say that I know we all get hung up on body image and sometimes we feel awful. Sometimes we feel great, but feel like we’re not allowed to acknowledge it for fear of looking vain or arrogant. I’m saying this week, I feel great. So I’m singing it loud and proud and reminding myself that it’s not just ok, but it’s HEALTHY to feel body positivity. I’ve had abuse hurled at me before. But I can still run a half marathon. My body has achieved things. I need to remember that.

Do you ever have days where you appreciate your body?

6 thoughts on “It’s a positive body image day

  1. Some days I feel like an elephant, some days I feel amazeballs. In fact, some days that can change within a few hours!

    I know I’m fit and strong and there are some people that find me sexy so really I’m ok, but sometimes it’s hard work being a woman.

    1. Agree, it’s REALLY hard work being a woman. And it’s amazing how one comment, one article, one whatever can make me change from feeling amazing to feeling down.

      But today I’m positive and I’m ok with that :)

  2. Oh I love this, it’s wonderful to read you appreciating your amazing body which created life & ran a couple of marathons! I think it’s so empowering to say ‘today I like my body’…I have stretch marks from weight loss, my thighs are not small but are strong & my tiny chest never gets in the way. Being content is better than abuse to chase the ‘dream body’ whatever that may be….X

  3. I love this, especially as it’s how I’m feeling right now, it’s so nice to hear someone confident enough to shout it out for everyone to hear. Not vain at all, but empowering. Now I just need to remember to read this on my not so good days :)

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