It’s oh so quiet…

tallinn marathon finish line

Kudos to those of you who get the 90s shout out in the post title.

Yes, it has been quiet around here recently. Lots to say, but a little bit of writers block. It’s also hard to blog about running when you’re not running.

Not because I don’t want to run, you understand. I’m really missing it at the moment, but my ankle is still not in a fit state to run, or really do much at all. It was back in July that I had the accident. Now it’s October and it’s not looking any better. I’m still occasionally using a crutch. I’m still in a walking boot. For those interested, here is a photo of it taken just a couple of days back:


swollen ankle


Torn ligaments aren’t much fun. I live in hope that it’ll be healed soon. Meanwhile, I FINALLY got round to ordering a pull buoy which I plan to use in the pool so I can at least get some cross training in, without further stressing my ankle.

I have kettlebells and I suppose I can find ways of using these while sitting down. If anyone has recommendations for any good videos/tutorials on how to safely use them, please hit me up in the comments! I’m very conscious that what fitness and strength I had is deserting me and I need to find ways to remedy that, instead of feeling sorry for myself. And I am VERY good at feeling sorry for myself.

Needless to say the Tallinn Marathon didn’t happen for me, although I still had a fantastic trip to Estonia and enjoyed watching the race. I’m sad I didn’t get to take part this time, but I plan to go back in 2020 and run it then. Tallinn is a beautiful city and well worth a visit. I’ll be doing a full post soon on my trip, but meanwhile, here I am at the finishing line of the marathon that wasn’t:


tallinn marathon finish line


So there we go, a very short and not very exciting update on my life over the last few weeks. If anyone has further tips for keeping fit while injured, I’d love to hear them! Meanwhile, time to stop feeling sorry for myself and this post was the first hurdle towards dealing with that…

3 thoughts on “It’s oh so quiet…

  1. Do you have a rough idea of when you’re likely to be healed up enough to run again?

    Injury terrifies me. I remember how long I was out after I fractured a metatarsal! It seemed to go on forever (although it introduced me to strength training for the first time, so I can’t be too negative about it).

    re: the kettlebells – I’ve not got one/used one (I use dumbbells instead) but I know that they are AWESOME, so definitely start incorporating them into your routine :D

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