Juneathon 14 – Return to Greenwich parkrun

Hmmm, the title for this blog post sounds remarkably similar to one from last year…

Anyway, as reported in my last blog, yesterday I decided to go to my local parkrun. I woke up quite early and when browsing Facebook, noticed that our faithful leader, Jog Blog had also decided to go to her local run. We agreed that we were hardcore and would communicate telepathically to make sure that we did not flag and come last.

I communicated with Cathy that “it was horrible”. She sent me a high five in return.

Although “just a 5k”, I feel that I should point out that it felt much harder than running a marathon. Especially the deceptive incline. It pretends to be flat. It lies. Once you approach it for the third time, it feels like Everest.

I know I was optimistic to attempt it, especially when I haven’t yet managed to jog for longer than 15 minutes non-stop. But my theory was to run the first lap then walk/run the rest and at least the distance would be done.

At 37:53, it was a fairly spectacular personal worst, but I’m proud of myself anyway. If you’d asked me 16 weeks ago if I’d be running again by now, after everything that happened, I’d have laughed and said “eff off”.

I’m chuffed. Bring on next week.

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