Juneathon Bridge

I was training in a school today and did a lot of walking to and from the station to the school as I got lost.

Then I went to the pub and the beer went to my head and Cathy said I had to do a bar press up. So I ate delicious Turkish food, sobered up, came home and decided to do a bridge instead. I broke a sweat and now my abs feel worked.

Holding a bridge is much harder when you are 1) not 8 years old and 2) not super-light. This is attempt number two as boyfriend didn’t manage to take a good picture of the first one.

I can still do it, I am hardcore*.

* Please do not copy my technique.

5 thoughts on “Juneathon Bridge

  1. If I attempted that then my arms and legs would quickly snap back to 180 degrees and I’d be suspended horizontally for a millisecond.. Before breaking my back.
    So I’m impressed.

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