Juneathon Day 1

Juneathon Day 1 was utterly pathetic. I had a hospital appointment this morning and I had planned to go for a jog this evening, but I’m struggling with my feet at the moment, especially the right foot. I’ve been building up again slowly to try and get the strength back. Unfortunately, following a lot of walking around over the past couple of days, my foot has been incredibly painful. So I’m claiming my 1.54 mile walk to and from the hospital as today’s effort. I did have to make a run for the bus and it was incredibly painful. The tendons are rock hard for some reason, so I’m hoping gentle stretching and hot water this evening will loosen them up enough to try a short and gentle jog tomorrow. We shall see what happens.

Moving on, my gimmick for Juneathon is to try to write a limerick every day. I predict this will last three days. And so, without further ado, day 1:

There once was a girl with two feet

Who was an aspiring athlete

Her right foot was hurt

So her bum was not pert

As she couldn’t run on the street

And on that note, I know a few people look at Juneathon as being a good incentive to get fit and lose weight – myself included. Weight Watchers ran a similar challenge at WeightWatchers Move More last month, where their members completed 10 million minutes of exercise. Some interesting statistics were revealed, so why not keep up the good work with Juneathon, eh?


5 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 1

  1. Any exercise is progress!

    Wish I’d known about the Weight Watchers Move More thing last month. I’ve put on close to a stone in 2 months and I’m back on the WW wagon starting now.

    I’ve eaten all my points though and I’m thinking of eating furniture as an alternative.

  2. I think your walk & run for the bus counts, I had some pathetic ones for Janathon. Nice limerick, look forward to more! I didn’t bother registering for Move More – just not eating & counting points was enough for the first month. Hope the tendons sort themselves out soon x

  3. Rar – just rea;lise despite the fact that I have you on my google reader, I’ve not had any updates of your blog in Juneathon! So I’m catching up now – apologies for all the comments in a row!

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